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Boris johnson news - Boris at home alone:

London becomes another hotspot of the corona epidemic. Boris Johnson underestimated the virus.

Now he has been infected and has to put up with the allegation that elementary protective measures have been disregarded in Downing Street.

For a long time, Boris Johnson has been taking a lurch in the corona crisis. There should be restrictions, but not for everyone. Closing pubs and bars were out of the question for Johnson.

His advisors initially relied on the concept - also discussed in Germany - to isolate the elderly and those in particular need of protection and to allow a controlled infection of the population to achieve herd immunity in this way.

Premier in quarantine:

When the case numbers exploded, the reversal came. It was too late for many. For Boris Johnson too. Now he's sitting in self-quarantine on Downing Street. Separated from his pregnant partner Carrie Symonds.

In a video message, Johnson said, "Hey guys, I would like to inform you about something that is happening today, namely that I have developed mild symptoms of the coronavirus, that is fever and persistent cough, and that I was on the advice of the chief physician did a test.

This turned out to be positive so that I work from home and isolate myself. That's perfectly true, but I do not doubt that thanks to the magic of modern technology, I can continue to communicate with my entire top team to lead the national fight against the coronavirus. "

The cosy seat of government:

The prime minister's carelessness has been doomed. Just a few weeks ago, he showed himself demonstratively shaking hands with suspected corona cases.

But it's that bad. Where the prime minister is infected is unknown, but since other cabinet members are also ill, it is believed that Downing Street was the virus exchange zone.

The British Prime Minister's traditional seat of government is far smaller than the White House or Putin's Kremlin.

Downing Street was built in the 17th century and the dimensions have not grown with the tasks. Photos show how tight it is there. Otherwise, that's the charm of British politics.

Today it shows how politicians nonchalantly disregard their recommendations and do not keep a safe distance - for example, when Johnson and his closest advisors posed for a photo on the stairs.

Boris Johnson and Minister of Health Matt Hancock were also photographed close in the House of Commons.

Both have tested positive, the chief medical advisor, Prof. Chris Whitty, also reported symptoms & went into self-isolation.

Despite the ubiquitous "war" rhetoric, politicians do not take the threat seriously. Prof. Chris Whitty personally advised and examined the prime minister at his official residence.

Most likely correctly dressed in a suit with a tie - but without any protective equipment. Instead of setting a good example in the fight against the virus, the crisis cabinet can learn how not to do it.

Dr John Ashton, a former Regional Director of Public Health England, told The Guardian: "The government was too slow to respond and was too slow as an individual, which reinforces the view that the blockade taken earlier this week is already in place should have been seized earlier

and raises questions about the ability of those in power, including the Prime Minister, to discipline themselves. They should all have been more careful. "


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