Albert Uderzo

Asterix Inventor Uderzo Has Died:

His comic book heroes Asterix and Obelix are invincible - the illustrator of the two Gauls, Albert Uderzo, died at 92 of a heart attack. But his great wish comes true.

There is hardly anyone who does not know the inhabitants of the small part of Gaul.

The bulbous-nosed Gaul Asterix, his obese friend Obelix and the rest of the rebellious gang that Julius Caesar and his legionaries regularly plunge into deep despair.

The comic reader owes the existence of these wonderful characters to him, Albert Uderzo.

Born as a child of Italian immigrants in 1927 near the city of Reims, he liked to draw and above all as a young man, especially well.

Because of Disney, Uderzo became a draftsman:

But making a career out of talent? Albert Uderzo hesitated, and then someone convinced him: "Disney has influenced me tremendously.

I didn't know him personally, by the way, neither did I, but I probably wouldn't have been a draftsman without him. I wanted to be a mechanic."

What wonderful characters and funny stories would then have been lost to comic book fans around the world.

Umpahpah, the Indian or also the detective Luc Junior. Above all, however, Asterix and its mixing poke. Albert Uderzo created it together with his colleague and copywriter René Goscinny.

Uderzo Special connection with Goscinny:

So two immigrant children - Goscinny's parents came from Poland - invented the Gallic French Asterix.

Regarding Albert Uderzo 's performance of this brilliant collaboration with Goscinny, he was always modest: "René was a bright head, a great humorist.

I don't have to praise it, he proved it. And not only that. The success, that we had, above all, thanks to him, "I just had to follow him and I'm glad I did that. I'm glad we worked together." said Albert Uderzo. "

It was the respect that Albert Uderzo had before his partner's work, and both also shared a deep friendship. When Goscinny died suddenly in November 1977, Albert Uderzo decided to stop drawing.

"After his death, everything was over. I didn't want to continue without him, I felt lost. I was trapped in this fog for two years."

Albert Uderzo34 volumes of Asterix in more than 100 languages:

Ultimately, it was the many readers who brought the illustrator and Asterix father back out of the darkness into reality.

Albert Uderzo went on - alone. He sent his Gaulish heroes to the east, even had the small village haunted by extraterrestrials, which was not well received by all fans.

But the success of the new adventures proved him right. Albert Uderzo has drawn 34 volumes of Asterix in his life. All have been translated into more than 100 languages ​​and dialects.

Albert Uderzo Retired at the age of 84:

At 84, the draftsman finally decided to retire. He handed over the pen to illustrator Didier Conrad and copywriter Jean-Yves Ferri.

The characters, said Albert Uderzo, do not belong to him, they belong to the reader. Even if Albert Uderzo has now left, his great wish will surely come true: "I hope that Asterix will last for generations."


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