Lower Saxony - Coronavirus

Coronavirus - Clase Lower Saxony:

The Lower Saxony Ministry of Education has prepared emergency plans for the Abitur exams. The closure goes into the Easter holidays.

Lower Saxony is the next federal state to close all schools due to the spread of the coronavirus. Prime Minister Stephan Weil (SPD) officially announced this on Friday.

As expected, the schools and daycare centres will cease their regular operations on Monday, March 16. Emergency groups for care are, however, offered through the respective providers.

After two weeks of unscheduled closings, two weeks of Easter break will begin on March 30th. Universities, state museums and regional theatres are also closed, according to the Ministry of Science.

"The virus is there and it will stay," said Weil. In the next four weeks, however, there is time for containment.

Minister of Social Affairs Carola Reimann (SPD) spoke of a sharp increase in the numbers. Reimann also emphasized that it was about gaining time to slow the spread of the virus.

"It will be very important in the next few weeks." Minister of Culture Grant Henrik Tonne (SPD) said that the nationwide school dropout beginning on Monday is expected to last until April 18. High school graduates are due to return to school on April 15th.

Coronavirus - Daycare centres and schools offer emergency care:

The schools and daycare centres in Lower Saxony will offer emergency care until the Easter holidays. Spatial and personnel standards would no longer apply.

But it is not planned to provide students with tasks or online lessons, said Minister of Culture Tonne. According to the state, free schools and vocational schools are also affected by closings.

Emergency care is intended to ensure that, for example, nurses, firefighters, police officers and relatives of other professions that are important for public order and public services can go to work.

Hardship cases of other occupational groups should also be checked in principle. The supervision is offered up to the 8th grade.

All school trips, day tours, excursions or student exchanges up to the end of the school year are stopped. If possible, they should be postponed and otherwise cancelled, Tonne said.

The universities are to extend their lecture-free period until April 19, and the universities of applied sciences are suspended until April 19.

That's what science minister Björn Thümler said. At the Conference of Ministers of Education, however, there had not yet been any general closings. Weil rejected criticism of the late announcement about these deliberations.

Coronavirus - emergency plans for upcoming high school exams:

The Ministry of Culture has also prepared emergency plans for the upcoming high school exams. The schools would be informed shortly, a ministry spokesman said on Thursday.

Coronavirus - Council of state pupils demands clarity:

The State Student Council has asked for clarity for pupils. It was not a suitable alternative measure to send students new tasks every day.

According to the ton, however, this is not intended. Two additional weeks of downtime are manageable, he said."We are shifting down two gears," emphasized Weil.

It is about slowing the dynamics of the spread. The country also wants to ensure the treatment of seriously ill people.

According to Weil, one-fifth of the sufferers are expected to have more severe courses. He appealed to the citizens to pay attention to hygiene and to limit social contacts to the bare minimum.


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