Till Lindemann

Till Lindemann:

Leipzig - This is how the Rammstein fans (Rammstein: All information about the rock band ) frontman Till Lindemann have not seen so often: On a photo on Instagram, the "tough guy" of the Berlin rock band looks like a good schoolboy.

Rammstein - Till Lindemann provokes with action on the stage:

Again and again, Till Lindemann provokes with his actions: When he started the tour in Hanover for the solo program "Lindemann", the singer threw dead animals into the audience.

In addition to the rock singer, Peter Tägtren (49) and guest musicians are on stage. The German-Swedish station wagon is currently on tour, there will be a total of 22 concerts in 2020.

Do the fans of Rammstein think that Till Lindemann (Till Lindemann - His women and affairs) is going it alone?

The Berlin band has been causing a stir in the music industry since 1995: the first album “Herzeleid” made it to the German charts for 110 weeks.

The following albums all landed at number 1 on the album charts, "Sehnsucht sold over 2.5 million copies alone.

Till Lindemann and Rammstein are known for their breathtaking stage shows with spectacular pyrotechnics.

Rammstein - Till Lindemann caught in his native Leipzig in the restaurant:

Always in the focus of attention: Till Lindemann With his fearsome masks and outfits, the frontman looks like a warrior on stage, while the Leipziger comes from a simple background.

Lindemann also makes art. His father was a well-known children's book author in the GDR. Before and after the fall of the wall, he made his first musical experiences before Rammstein was founded in 1994.

Rammstein - singer Till Lindemann looks like a schoolboy:

On February 14, Till Lindemann was a guest as part of his solo tour in Leipzig (here all tour dates). The native of Leipzig wanted to strengthen himself strongly at his home appearance, made a detour to the Leipzig restaurant "Auerbachs Keller".

Of course, the visit to the Rammstein singer did not go unnoticed there. A photo on Facebook shows Till Lindemann unusually "normal": The 57-year-old ex-boyfriend of Sophia Thomalla is wearing a black skull shirt and black jacket.

The otherwise evil-looking rock star looks into the camera like a good schoolboy, even looks a little insecure or shy.

So the hard rock fans have probably never seen the frontman. As an explanation of how the snapshot was taken, the following is written next to the photo:

'Our Mephisto got hold of a prominent guest in the large cellar at the weekend. Till Lindemann, singer of the band Rammstein was a guest with his band at Haus Auensee on Friday. Of course, he was also ready for a small photo. ”

The music fans are currently also dealing with another story about the singer: frontman Till Lindemann and pop singer Helene Fischer are now working together.


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