Thuringia - Merkel Kemmerich's said South Africa Election as an unforgivable process:

In Thuringia, the FDP candidate Thomas Kemmerich was elected Prime Minister with votes from the AfD. Chancellor Merkel now says the result must be reversed.

The result of this process must be reversed, Merkel said on a visit to South Africa on Thursday and was indirectly behind demands for new elections.

The choice broke with a "basic conviction", said Merkel, "both of me and the CDU" that no majority should be found with the help of the AfD. She spoke of a "bad day for democracy".

When asked, she continued: "An election is an option". The process was "classified" by word of mouth in Berlin, among others by CDU party leader Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer.

Kramp-Karrenbauer had previously threatened the party friends in Erfurt with consequences if they were to work with the new head of government, Kemmerich.

In this respect, cooperation with Kemmerich would be a violation of the party line, which precludes any cooperation with the AfD - "with the corresponding consequences".

Spontaneous demos in several cities:

The FDP candidate Kemmerich was surprisingly elected head of government in the Thuringian state parliament on Wednesday with the votes of liberals, CDU and AfD.

It was the first time that the AfD helped a prime minister into the office (read a comment on this here).

The election has caused violent reactions not only in all of German politics. In some cities - also outside of Thuringia - people demonstrated against Kemmerich as Prime Minister on Wednesday.

He repeatedly spoke out against a new election, which party councillor Wolfgang Kubicki had advised him publicly (follow the current developments in our news blog).

Chancellor Merkel had initially not commented on the events in Thuringia. She landed late Wednesday evening in the South African capital of Pretoria for a two-day visit to South Africa and Angola.


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