Sarah Lombardi

Sarah Lombardi And Julian's Rumours:

The rumours about Sarah Lombardi and her (alleged) new friend, the footballer Julian Büscher, shoot through the roof again. After the two were spotted on a love vacation in Egypt, there is no stopping them.

But now there is a new chapter, and this would be a turn of 180 degrees, is Sarah Lombardi not with Julian Büscher at all but with an old friend again?

Sarah Lombardi, is she with Julian Büscher?

The eyewitness reports and photos are at least so clear that Sarah Lombardi had a nice holiday flirt with athletic footballer Julian Büschel, it should be granted to her!

But is he now Sarah Lombardi's new friend? Some indications speak for a closer relationship, e.g. is already following his mother and best friend on Instagram, but - this is not evidence.

What speaks against it, the footballer is currently playing in Canada at Cavalry FC, that's a short 6500 km separation between the two - hard to believe that such a relationship can hold!

Therefore, new rumours are now emerging, and they have it all. Is Sarah Lombardi dating Pietro Lombardi again? It would be awesome indeed!

Are Pietro and Sarah Lombardi together again?

A good friend of Pietro now reveals secret details, are the two really neither together?

They were certainly the best-known German reality couple, the son Alessio also came from the relationship, last Christmas was also celebrated together!

The trigger for the discussion about the two is Pietro's new Herzschmers song “It still hurts”, the fans put it on Sarah Lombardi-and now his friend

And songwriter Philippe Heithier say in the comments on the song “If people knew, Oh, what should we know? Is everything all right? It would be nice for them!


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