Samsung Galaxy S20

Samsung Galaxy S20 Overview:

The Samsung Galaxy S20 series is here! As the successor to the Galaxy S10, the new S-Class skips nine model numbers and comes in three sizes.

Samsung is the most popular smartphone manufacturer in Germany. But in 2019, the competition saw the throne vigorously: Huawei overtook the Koreans in camera technology, Apple's iPhone pulled in the test.

And the Motorola Razr showed what is possible with foldable smartphones. But now Samsung is fighting back and presenting an armada of innovations at the Unpacked event: The biggest eye-catcher is the Galaxy Z Flip.

For most customers, however, the Samsung Galaxy S20 is more important - the practical test shows whether it has what it takes to be a bestseller and how the different S20 models differ.

Samsung Galaxy S20: Large, larger, extra-large:

The Samsung Galaxy S20 series comes with three model variants, all larger than its predecessors: the "normal" Samsung Galaxy S20 comes with a 6.2-inch screen,

Which is slightly larger than the previous Galaxy S10 (6.1 inches) Successors for the smaller Galaxy S10e from 2019 (5.8-inch display) are completely missing.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus (6.7 inches) grows even more compared to the previous Galaxy S10 Plus (6.4 inches). And the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra with its 6.9-inch screen is the largest Galaxy S smartphone to date.

Samsung Galaxy S20 camera - The new photosystem:

Samsung Galaxy S20 camera equipment of the new Galaxy models is impressive. The Samsung Galaxy S20 has the weakest in the S20 series.

Compared to the S20 Ultra, the 108-megapixel camera and the complex periscope telephoto lens are missing. But the S20 camera is also impressive.

Apart from the lack of depth of field lens, it corresponds to the S20 Plus. The 12-megapixel main camera (simple wide-angle) comes with the same resolution as the Galaxy S10, but a new sensor is installed, which thanks to larger pixels (1.8 µm instead of 1.4 µm for the S10) more light and image information to capture.

The biggest difference is with the telephoto camera: For the first time, the zoom effect of the S20 is not provided by a lens with a significantly longer focal length (according to Samsung employees, the focal length is only 1.1 times higher than that of the main camera).

Samsung Galaxy S20

Instead, Samsung uses an extremely high-resolution image sensor with 64 megapixels. If you want to enlarge an image section, it offers enough sharpness reserves for up to triple zooming, with 12-megapixel images without loss of detail.

The S20 also masters tricks such as multiple exposures to obtain passable image sharpness even with further digital enlargement.

In the practical test, the image quality looked decent at least up to three times the zoom, but afterwards, the sharpness drops noticeably.

Eliminating the double or triple optical magnification has a fundamental advantage: The zooming is Stepless, which is particularly advantageous for videos.

Samsung Galaxy S20 - the first smartphone with 8K video:

Good times for everyone who is thinking about buying an 8K TV: Like all S20 models, the Samsung Galaxy S20 is capable of 8K video recording.

In contrast to 4K recordings, this only works with up to 24 frames per second (frames per second, FPS), for 60 FPS 4K resolution is still available. 4K recordings with 60 FPS are possible even with the front camera.

Samsung Galaxy S20 - display with smooth 120 Hertz:

Apple iPad Pro, OnePlus 7, Google Pixel 4 - they all have it too: a display with a higher refresh rate. Thanks to the 90 Hertz (Hz) rate, the screen of the competing models mentioned immediately shows rapid changes in content.

Samsung goes a step further with the Samsung Galaxy S20 and installs a 120 Hz display. In the practical test, the difference in fast scrolling was surprisingly clear.

The display was quieter than in the standard-setting (60 Hz). But since nobody scrolls for hours, the higher Hertz number is probably only worthwhile for players.

Especially since the power consumption increases in 120 Hz operation and the S20 in 120 modes reduces the resolution to Full HD.

Samsung Galaxy S20 - release, price, colours:

The Samsung Galaxy S20 is the cheapest model of the new S-Class and is available with 128 gigabytes (GB) of memory starting at 899 euros (recommended price), with 5G for 100 euros more.

The colours are pink (cloud pink), blue (cloud blue) and - the latest trend colour - shiny grey (cosmic grey). The market launch is in March 2020. Here is an overview of the prices for all model variants:

  • Samsung Galaxy S20 (RAM / memory 8 GB / 128 GB) 899 euros / 5G version 999 euros
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus (8/128 GB) 999 euros / 5G version 1,099 euros / 5G version with 512 GB memory 1,249 euros
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G (12/128 GB) 1,349 euros / with 16/512 GB 1,549 euros


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