Norbert Röttgen

Norbert Röttgen:

More eloquent than Laschet, more responsible than Merz: Norbert Röttgen's candidacy comes as a surprise. It prevents the desired team solution.

After all, how you prevail against Armin Laschet, Norbert Röttgen knows pretty well. That was 2010, in North Rhine-Westphalia the two fought for the chair of the largest regional association of the CDU. 

And Norbert Röttgen not only won the member survey. He dominated the race. He showed Laschet, who, ten years later, is the establishment's favourite for the CDU leadership, who, according to the CDU supporters, is the more popular and competent of the two.

Norbert Röttgen has now surprisingly announced that he will enter the race for the CDU chairmanship. Laschet against Norbert Röttgen- that was and is not a classic directional decision.

Both are located in the party's liberal spectrum. Both would be conceivable chancellors or vice-chancellors for a coalition with the Greens at the federal level.

Norbert Röttgen was Federal Environment Minister from 2009 to 2012. In the meantime, he has advanced to the Bundestag and has become a prominent foreign politician for his party, which he regularly demonstrates in TV rounds.

No, Laschet did not lose to Norbert Röttgen in 2010, but primarily in a category that sounds a little superficial, but is also not completely irrelevant in politics.

It was about the broadcast. The press celebrated the always elegant Norbert Röttgen as "George Clooney from Meckenheim". Or as "Mum's smartest".
Compared to Norbert Röttgen, Laschet was considered less eloquent, less rousing. Also as opportunistic and too soft. Norbert Röttgen appeared sovereign, glamorous, statesmanlike.

As Minister of the Environment, he campaigned for the nuclear phase-out with pathos and detailed knowledge. Laschet often came across nervously in a direct duel.

You should know all of this to understand Norbert Röttgen's motivation, to apply now to succeed Angela Merkel or Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer. He feels at least equal to the other candidates.


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