Marcel Pagnol

Marcel Pagnol:

The Google search engine dedicates its "Doodle" to its home page this Friday, February 28. Marcel Pagnol became famous thanks to his play "Marius".

Google pays tribute to Marcel Pagnol. He was born 125 years ago, on February 28, 1895, in Aubagne, and his work continues to be read and studied around the world.

Marcel Pagnol is known for his Marseilles trilogy of plays Marius, Fanny and César. The three plays have been edited many times and adapted several times to the cinema.

Emblematic character of Provence, Marcel Pagnol is also known for the three volumes that make up his autobiography, La Gloire de mon père, Le château de ma mère, and Le temps des secrets, where he recounts his Provencal childhood, with a teacher father and a seamstress mother.

After the books, the cinema. Marcel Pagnol created his production company to adapt his works himself.

He was the first filmmaker to be elected to the French Academy in 1946. He died far from his Provence, in Paris, in 1974, at 79 years old.


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