Leah Bachelor

Leah Bachelor:

At home dates Bachelor Sebastian Preuss smooched with Leah on the sofa, then he criticized her operated body and did not give her a rose. Now the Hamburg native has taken a stand herself.

In his search for the dream woman of several weeks, Bachelor Sebastian Preuss has invited Leah from Hamburg twice to single dates.

In Mexico they spent an evening in his villa, another date was on the water. There was smooching both times.

And yet the Rosenkavalier only noticed at the home date back in Germany that the woman from Hamburg had surgery to help her look.

After Preuss had smooched wildly on the sofa with the law student, he said in an interview: "I don't like it when a woman is tinkering.

She has sprinkled lips, she has silicone breasts. Splashing on the face is too much for me not with my partner. A tough decision that he could and should have made much earlier.

"The Bachelor": Leah reacts to Sebastian Preuss' criticism:

The "tinkered" Leah has now spoken out on Instagram. In her story, the 24-year-old writes "All bodies are good bodies.

All the faces are beautiful. Celebrate the diversity" ("All bodies are good bodies. All faces are beautiful. Celebrate diversity"). To do this, she set the hashtags "Respect", "Different together" and "tinkered".

Besides, the sport-loving student shared a contribution from the former "Bachelor" candidate Carina Spack. She was surprised that Preuss' on Leah's lips disturbed, but not on candidate Diana.

A confident response to criticism that must hurt. After all, the Hamburg woman admits that she was disappointed with Preuss' decision.

"One day I'm looking forward to getting to know my Mr Right while I'm cuddling with my cat," she also revealed on the photo platform.


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