Kerstin Ott

Kerstin Ott:

Kerstin Ott is one of the best-known German musicians. Now she is talking about the darkest chapter in her life.

Heide in Holstein - With the hit song "Always laughing" Kerstin Ott (38) landed a huge hit. The singer has had incredible success since then.

Now the musician is talking about the darkest chapter in her life.

Kerstin Ott lives with his wife Karolina in Heide:

Kerstin Ott has a career that you couldn't even describe in a fairy tale. From a simple craftswoman to one of the most sought-after pop stars (the greatest German pop singers of all time ) in the republic - not many have succeeded in Germany.

And the native of Berlin stayed completely on the floor. The patchwork family lives in Heide in Holstein with her wife Karolina, née Köppen, and their children.

This is a tranquil town with around 20,000 inhabitants, less than 100 kilometres from the Danish border.

But how did the trained painter and painter become the hit superstar (the artist names of the hit stars and their real names )?

With a lot of luck. Kerstin Ott had already recorded her hit "The Always Laughs" in 2005. She had written the song for a sick friend.

But the breakthrough came only eleven years later. The DJ duo Stereoact had re-mixed "Always laughing". With huge success: the song climbed to number two on the German single charts.

Popstar Kerstin Ott reveals a dark secret:

In an interview, Kerstin Ott spoke about the darkest chapter in her life. The star (these are the biggest hit shows on German television ) was caught stealing as a teenager.

She was 14 years old. And what did the adolescent mop? Cigarettes. Kerstin Ott: “Then I was pulled into the office by the supermarket boss.

It was an experience that shaped me. ”Unbelieving questions in the interview as to whether she had smoked when she was 14. Kerstin Ott then airs what is probably the darkest chapter in her life.

The pop singer confesses: “I even found myself when I was eleven years old. Back then, smoking was so incredibly cool.

And I just wanted to be cool. ”When asked if she had given up smoking, Kerstin Ott:“ Unfortunately not yet. I still smoke, but I'm trying to get it out of my mouth.

”Then the“ Always laughing,” the interpreter says one of those direct sentences that her fans love so much for. Kerstin Ott honestly: "Smoking stinks and annoys and makes you sick."

By the way, the interview is from January of this year. We keep our fingers crossed for the pop singer so that she can jump off the tip.


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