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Coronavirus - China announces economic measures for companies affected by the virus:

China announced last Tuesday (25), new economic measures to help companies that were affected by the epidemic of the new coronavirus.

China's Prime Minister Li Kegiang said the Chinese State Council will increase the refinancing quota for bank loans to small businesses and farmers that have had an impact by 500 billion yuan (R $ 312.65 billion).

your business due to the coronavirus. Besides, the Asian country has cut interest rates on financing mechanisms by 0.25% to reduce costs for companies.

According to the council, three public banks in China will provide 350 billion yuan in low-interest special loans to small private companies. Business taxes will be reduced from 3% to 1%.

Besides, the prime minister announced different measures to Hubei, the epicentre of the virus outbreak, as companies face difficulties in resuming production.

For Hubei, the grace period is longer and individual entrepreneurs are exempt from value-added taxes for three months, this measure comes into force in March.

The number of deaths from the coronavirus reaches 2,700 The Chinese government confirmed, on Wednesday (26), another 52 cases of death caused by the coronavirus.

Thus, in China alone, 2.71 thousand deaths have already been recorded. According to the authorities, all newly confirmed deaths were recorded in Hubei province, the epicentre of the epidemic.

Besides, 406 new cases of coronavirus were confirmed, bringing the total to more than 78 thousand infected.

The Chinese government has asked companies in the country to resume normal operations due to a lower volume of new cases registered.

Also, to contain the spread of the epidemic, new temporary hospitals are being built in large cities. For the Chinese authorities, the measures taken to deal with the coronavirus are beginning to affect.

According to the government, the activity of companies should be restarted, depending on the status of the disease in each region.

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