Carnival procession 2020

Carnival procession 2020 -After a storm warning:

Xanten The city of Xanten has cancelled the blood sausage train for Sunday. The reason is a storm warning. "Safety comes first," said Mayor Thomas Görtz. A new appointment is searched.

Because of the storm warning, the blood sausage parade on Sunday in Xanten is cancelled. The city announced on Sunday morning.

"Safety comes first," said Mayor Thomas Görtz. The city consulted in the morning with the fire brigade, police and organizers.

They hoped the weather would change. But the meteorologists forecast storm gusts. For security reasons, the carnival parade is therefore cancelled.

But the blood sausage move should be made up for. "We are working hard to find an alternative date," said Görtz.

Because of the storm warning, the party in the marketplace was cancelled, it should start at 12.11 p.m.

The shooting club will open at 2:00 p.m., said the blood sausage committee. Originally, the party was supposed to start at 5 p.m. after the train.
"We are sad, but security comes first," said Ralf Hußmann, chairman of the Xanten Carnivals Association (XCV).

He supports the decision of the city and the organizer, the Xanten blood sausage committee (XBK). "It's a shame, but it is better to cancel the train before something else happens afterwards."

People on Facebook also responded with an understanding of the cancellation. Many wrote that it was the right decision.

The German Weather Service (DWD) has published an official warning of storm gusts for the Wesel district and large parts of the Lower Rhine.

The meteorologists expect wind speeds of 75 to 85 kilometres per hour (corresponds to wind force 9), sometimes even up to 100 kilometres per hour are possible.

The DWD warns the population of the dangers posed by the storm. Tree branches could fall, objects fall, writes the weather service.

According to the security concept for the blood sausage parade, the event had to be cancelled for such wind speeds, Görtz explained.

In other cities, too, the carnival procession was cancelled or brought forward. You can find an overview here.

The blood sausage procession should start on Sunday, November 14th. 47 carriages, foot groups and toy trains were registered. The train would have been one of the longest in the history of the blood sausage committee.


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