Carnival Parade

Carnival parade:

On February 22nd, 2020 the annual carnival parade with carriages and foot groups took place in Traunstein. The event was protected by the Traunstein Police Inspectorate.

Here she was supported by forces from the Traunstein Supplementary Service and a patrol from the security guard.

The numerous visitors to the move celebrated peacefully during and after the move. It is gratifying that there were almost no police operations around the carnival activity.

An exception was a rioting Afghan. This struck because of its considerable alcoholization.

When he found his identity, he began to mob and beat the officers deployed, which is why he was taken into custody.

The one in Waging a. The man living in the lake was released the next morning by the Traunstein police inspection.

He is now facing a complaint about resistance to law enforcement officers and assault.


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