Carmen Geiss

Carmen Geiss:

What about the marriage between Robert and Carmen Geiss? Carmen makes a bad reproach to her husband: Was he a stranger?

Dortmund - bad times with the Giessen. The marriage of Robert Geiss (56) and his wife Carmen (54) is currently in crisis. Now there is even talk of divorce. Robert Geiss receives a spicy message

The 19th season of the successful reality show "The Geissens - a glamorous family" has been running on RTL2 since Monday (February 3).

But already in the first episode, the house blessing hangs tremendously wrong. The reason for the bad argument: A message that head of family Robert got on WhatsApp.

Besides, there is a wink and five kiss emojis. A clear sign for wife Carmen Geiss: Robert seems to be cheating on her.

The bad dispute between Robert and Carmen Geiss - in the middle of the shooting for "Die Geissens" (RTL2). This leads to a potentially serious argument.

"What's the shit?" Carmen yells at her Robert in tears. But Robert, who recently presented his car at the motor show in Essen, seems to be unimpressed by his wife's emotional outburst.

However, it remains unclear who the unknown woman is who thanked Robert for the beautiful evening.

But Robert's easygoing style is not short-lived. He grabs his wife to have a private conversation with her (and the television cameras).

In front of cameras - Robert Geiss talks about divorce:

"You always assume people have screwed," Robert shouts at his wife. Could this be a sign that Robert met the stranger last night?

However, the discussion about a possible affair goes too far for the former fashion designer. "I told her she could fuck me.

I'm going to Saint-Tropez now. Home radio RTL2 does not show whether Robert is realizing the threat. So you have to be patient until the next episode next Monday (February 10th).

First tattoo for daughter Davina Geiss with special meaning:

On the other hand, the children of Robert and Carmen Geiss are doing much better. The two sisters Davina (16) and Shania (15) are a well-coordinated team.

Even if the two get into each other's hair from time to time, as usual among sisters, the two always stick together.

She wanted to prove to Shina, who already has her first model contract, that Davina loves her sister more than anything - and for that, she has come up with something very special: The 16-year-old has her sister's name tattooed on her skin, "Shania is always my sister," Davina explains her spontaneous idea.

For Mama Carmen, the drastic step is a huge shock at first, but can still be persuaded by the idea. "Davina is old enough. If she wants to, I can hardly say 'no'." So it still comes to the new tattoo.


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