Big Brother 2020

Big Brother 2020 - Gina from Würzburg and Rene from Bamberg in the portrait - that's how day 1 went:

'Big Brother' celebrates its 20th anniversary. In 2020, therefore, no celebrities, but normal citizens moved into the 'container'.

Two francs are also included: Gina (19) and Rene. We introduce both - and take a look at day 1. On February 10th it started: "Big Brother 2020" on Sat.1 has started: The anniversary season.

This format has been available on various television channels in Germany since 2000. The reality show is celebrating a milestone birthday this year: the 20th. The residents of the "container" have 100 days to convince the audience.

Update, February 11th, 2020 - That's how day 1 went:

In the first episode, the 14 residents were divided into two different houses - the glasshouse and the log house.

The living conditions in the two houses could hardly be more different. Two participants come from Franconia this year - but first, live separately.

Because Gina decided on the glasshouse - while René moved into the log house. However, at the end of the show with 2.6 stars, Gina only ranked sixth on the popularity ranking of the glasshouse residents.

'Big Brother 2020' candidates from Franconia:

First of all, the audience in front of the screen will use an app to determine who has a good chance of winning. With stars, viewers can rate residents and comment on them once a day.

Two residents of "Big Brother 2020" come from Franconia: Gina, 19, is a waitress and comes from Würzburg - René is Bamberger, 44 years old and a kung fu teacher and health coach. introduces both residents:

Big Brother2020 candidate Gina (19) from Würzburg:

A school dropout, under 20 and blonde - Gina from Würzburg could be underestimated - but you shouldn't: The 19-year-old presents herself with self-confidence when presenting the station.

A statement promises spectacle for the "Big Brother2020" fans: Gina extends her feelers in all directions: "At the moment I am bisexual!"

Big Brother2020 candidate René (44) from Bamberg:

The self-employed KungFu teacher and health coach is 44 years old and comes from one of the most beautiful cities in Franconia: Bamberg.

He also moves into the "container" and fights for victory with the other residents. In the imagination of the residents, he claims to have arrived in the middle and to have found self-knowledge through meditation.

The Bavarian sees it as his mission to help people find themselves. The health coach is used to receiving positive attention. Even if René claims to be humorous, he takes his lifestyle very seriously.

"Big Brother 2020" starts on February 10th at 8:15 pm on Sat.1. Only the move-in and thus the start of the season comes at prime time - the other episodes can be seen daily on Sat.1 at 7 p.m.

According to the broadcaster, "Big Brother" should run for 100 days. The final would run on March 19th.


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