Air Canada

Air Canada Safety Landing:

Moment of a shock for 128 passengers: Due to a defective tire, an Air Canada company had to fly in circles in Madrid for hours to prepare for a safe landing.

An aeroplane with 128 passengers on board made a safe landing in Madrid due to a damaged tire.

The plane landed on Monday shortly after 7 p.m. without any problems, the landing was broadcast by Spanish television.

Previously, the pilot had been flying the machine over an area south of the Spanish capital for more than four hours to consume fuel and make the machine lighter.

The Boeing 767-300 aircraft had been damaged on a landing gear during take-off in Madrid, a spokesman for the Spanish air traffic control service ENAIRE said.

The plane started at 2.30 p.m. and should have been flying to Toronto. The pilot reported the damage shortly after departure and announced the return to Madrid.

Air Canada - The crew could quickly reassure passengers:

"Everything is completely quiet here on board," said a passenger in a radio interview when the machine was still in the air.

Shortly after the start, "something like a blow" was heard, but the crew quickly reassured all passengers and declared that there was no danger. You return to Madrid out of pure caution.

Aviation officials have voiced criticism of some media. Relatives and friends of the passengers could have been worried by the hours of live reporting.


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