WhatsApp dark mode android

WhatsApp Dark Mode Android:

Waiting for the long-awaited dark mode in WhatsApp has come to an end for the first Android users.

In the latest beta version, WhatsApp users can now adjust the messenger colour settings in a variety of ways using their menu item. In this article, we explain how to activate it.

There is hardly anything new that WhatsApp users have been waiting for as long as Dark Mode.

Several Google apps already have the mode, Instagram has also recently followed - now WhatsApp is also following.

Now the developers have released the latest Android beta with version number 2.20.13, in which dark mode should be activated for all users of the beta version.

Who uses the beta version 2.20.13 of WhatsApp for Android can activate the dark mode via the settings; there the dark mode is hidden under 'Chats'.

WhatsApp users have the option to choose between several display forms:

System setting / System Default: WhatsApp recognizes whether you are using the Dark Mode in your Android version (Android 9 and higher only) or not.

If this is the case, the colour scheme is also adjusted accordingly in WhatsApp. Bright / Light Theme: The classic bright colour scheme previously used in WhatsApp

Set by Battery Saver: If Android 9 or higher is installed, WhatsApp automatically changes to the light or dark colour scheme depending on the energy-saving mode settings of the smartphone.

WhatsApp Dark Mode so far only available in the Android beta:

The basis for the dark mode in WhatsApp is created; until further notice, however, it remains reserved for the beta version of Android.

We can only hope that the final version will be released soon after the last adjustments. When exactly WhatsApp will publish the Dark Mode for all users is not yet predictable.


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