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Vanessa Mai And Axel Prahl New Flim:

Vanessa Mai will be shown on ARD in her first major film role on January 25th. In "Just with you" Vanessa Mai plays the young singer Juli, who is about to make her big breakthrough.

The film will also feature the current Vanessa Mai single "Spiegel, Spiegel", which was written especially for the film in which Axel Prahl plays the father of July.

July, played by Vanessa Mai, never wants to see her father again. The young singer, who is just getting started in the music business, blames Wim (Axel Prahl) for her mother's death.

Juli touches her fans with a song about her dead father, but she herself knows that it is not true because the father of July is alive. He failed her and her mother, but he's not dead.

July is about to make her big breakthrough as a singer, but before her big tour, the young woman learns that her kidney disease, which until now has been kept secret, has worsened considerably.

Axel Prahl plays Wim, the father of July:

Only an organ donation can help her, only Juli's father Wim can be considered an organ donor. July gives in to the intense pressure from her doctor Mateusz (Ferdinand Seebacher) and finally makes contact with her father.

Neither the press, fans nor their manager Tine (Elena Uhlig) can get wind of the fact that July has contact with Wim.

Since Wim himself was very successful in the music business and is still a living rock legend, this project is not easy. July soon realizes that Wim is much closer to her than she would like to admit.

Vanessa Mai - Mirror Mirror:

The current Vanessa Mai single "Spiegel Spiegel" was composed especially for the film "Just with you". The song will be heard in the film as a special duet version of Vanessa Mai with Axel Prahl.

"A song that tells what was going on inside me, a song that undoubtedly shaped me, that touched us all," explained Vanessa Mai.

"Spiegel, Spiegel" can also be found on the new Vanessa Mai album "Forever", which the attractive singer has just released.


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