The Bachelor 2020

The Bachelor 2020' season -Staffel zehn:

The new "Bachelor 2020" has plenty of women of the same name to manage and a past that is surprisingly problematic for lard format. The crucial question is: new or moss?

The new Bachelor 2020 doesn't do things by halves. "I think a real man can only be created by a good woman by his side," he says in the first few minutes of the new season.

And after all of the gay "Prince Charming" dating glory of the past few months, we are pushed roughly back into the bubbling prickly basin of hetero hell, where the men are pissed with blue and

The women with pink trident and both are eternally above the Braise the question of what the hell a "good woman" should be. Do you have to start from scratch again and again? It's so exhausting.

Fortunately, Sebastian Preuss, who is currently not quite the right man, has a built-in visual gimmick with which one can distract oneself in bad or boring moments (and there are many of these in this perhaps most boring opening sequence since the lard record data began):

Like this internet dress, which looks blue for some and golden for others, Preuss, depending on the point of view, is strikingly reminiscent of Manuel Neuer or Stefan Mross.

Perhaps it is the ghostly accurate middle of the two, purely external. It gets more complicated internally,

Because this year we are dealing with a pronounced problemBachelor 2020, and this does not mean, for once, that he used to be fat and must now mention this fact at every opportunity.

The bachelor was a lot alone as a child because his single mother had to work for a long time. The father never replied to his letters,

he got into wrong friends (who probably hadn't yet been transformed into impeccable quality boys by a good friend by her side), beat a lot and ended up in prison for assault.

There, his mother had to visit him, as she says in a one-player game, between "nothing but bad people".

Kickboxing, he says, then saved him, he trained more seriously and became a professional. 

"Everyone is responsible for their own lives, that is simply a fact," says the bachelor that was explained today, and that he had made peace with his "inner child", 

And you are expected to start singing right away because that sounds like its food-friendly, trimmed tragedy makes everything difficult for "Germany is looking for the superstar" sobber.

Then the candidates' traditional approach to parade begins, and one quickly suspects that a job-weary casting person had one last destructive stroke of genius before he planned to throw in the sticky bits and quit: filling up the entire candidate stock with Jenny's and Jessy's namely, a metaphorical emblem for the interchangeability of many of these towelettes.

Unfortunately, his glorious plan was discovered after the fifth Jenny and third Jessy were signed on, and he had to go unfinished.

In any case, this is the only logical explanation for the fact that there are two Jennys in this year's field, plus Jenny-Fleur, Jenny-Jasmin and Jennifer, plus Jessica, Denise-Jessica and Jessi, which makes it virtually impossible for the viewer, anyway difficult to tell apart memorable women.

Bachelor 2020 - Messy when giving roses:

Even the bachelor is getting quite buzzing when the Jennystrom doesn't stop, he doesn't have much more than "beautiful, beautiful, cool", "cool, cool, cool" and "mega" in the as always badly crooked get-to-know-you talks To contribute,

he always rubs the women 's upper arm strangely and asks the strangest of all questions in this context: "And what brings you here?

Bachelor 2020 simply very annoying that this bachelor has also taken up his trash post quite obviously without a solid basic knowledge of his history.

Flavour Flav, rapper at Public Enemy, showed in 2006 in his dating show "Flavor of Love" what you can do as a Balzelor if you have a name weakness or a lot of Jenn and Jessen to manage:

He gave the applicants away his heart was easier to remember nicknames with which they were addressed from then on.

The hobby painter was now called "Picasso", the enthusiastic diver "Shellz", the candidate from Georgia "Georgia" - brilliant. So why doesn't the Bachelor just call Denise-Jessica “Tennis” after her favourite sport?

Why Diana not "GBD", as an abbreviation for the requirement profile that she claims to have of her dream man: "tall, blonde, German"?

He could have called the two extremely similar twins Isabel and Lauren, for example, "A-croissant" and "B-croissant", that would have been cute.

Unfortunately, he disposed of them on the first night of the roses, and it would be interesting to know whether he did not appreciate the soft porn vibes involved in this casting or simply did not notice them. Anyway, the Jensen are all still in the race.


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