Temtem game

Temtem game: 

PC players no longer have to jealously look at the Nintendo consoles for monster collecting games. Temtem game wants to follow in the footsteps of Pokémon.

Pokémon has got competition: For the early access launch on the PC, the monster collecting MMO Temtem game immediately shot at number 1 on the sales charts of Steam. And the players themselves are very impressed by the ratings.

This is Temtem gameTemtem game is all about catching, training and fighting from and with the monsters that give the title.

The parallels to Pokémon cannot be denied: You start with one of three starter Tenten, travel the world to defeat Dojo leaders and have to put an end to an evil criminal organization.

The fights stand out: The game has two unique selling points: it is an MMO, whose story you can play in pairs from start to finish, and the fights say goodbye to all random mechanics.

So your attacks are not due to bad luck. Instead of offering a risk/reward system, Temtem game relies on planning, not unlike that of a chess game.

Microtransactions: Temtem game is Buy2Play and has no ongoing subscription costs. However, developer Crema Games plans to incorporate microtransactions later.

In the current early access version there is not yet. However, it should be purely cosmetic items. The team says they don't want to sell anything that affects gameplay.

Not even XP boosters or the like should be available for real money.

Temtem Game - That's what the first players say:

78% of the more than 1,700 reviews are currently positive. However, the critics are not complaining about the game itself, but about the launch problems:

Temtem game's servers buckled under the big rush - and a DDoS attack - and games were sometimes impossible hours after the release. Almost 30,000 players tried to log in simultaneously via Steam alone.

In the meantime the problems have been solved: Numerous patches and restarts of the servers later you can now start and play the game as normal.

Since more players can now also access the servers at the same time, there is no longer a queue. The remaining issues are expected to be resolved later in the day.

Until then, the developer recommends that you only create co-op groups indoors. The positive votes, on the other hand, rate the game primarily with the obvious Pokémon comparison.

Many of them think that Temtem game is in no way inferior to the Nintendo franchise and does some things better. For example, the user [YT] Caosfaction explains:

We already looked at Temtem game during the alpha phase. You can read what we think of the monster collection in our preview.

Temtem game is available from Humble Bundle, Steam and the Discord Store for around 31 euros. It was released exclusively for Windows but is said to run on Linux using Proton.


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