Slalom in Adelboden:

Daniel Yule celebrates his second World Cup victory in a row. Four days after his success in Madonna di Campiglio, the Valaisian also won the slalom in Adelboden.

Daniel Yule, who had been in the lead after the first run on Wednesday, won by 23 hundredths ahead of the Norwegian Henrik Kristoffersen.

After the Austrian Marco Schwarz, Ramon Zenhausen, who was plagued by a gastrointestinal virus, came fourth.

Adelboden - Enormous pressure:

It was not for the faint of heart that happened in this second slalom run. The task that Yule had to master was correspondingly difficult.

The vast majority of the audience who turned the target area into a cauldron expected nothing more than the victory from the Valais.

Yule withstood the immense pressure and mastered the task with flying colours. The Volksfest in the Bernese Oberland had its hoped-for, perfect end from a Swiss perspective.

Yule ensured the second victory in the slalom in Adelboden, which has been held since 2000. Marc Berthod won the number 60 at Chuenisbärgli 13 years ago.

Yule is also the first Swiss with three slalom victories in the World Cup. Dumeng Giovanoli, Pirmin Zurbriggen and Didier Plashy also won twice.

Adelboden - Daniel Yule Strong first run:

After the first run, it looked even better for the Swiss team. In addition to the leading Yule, Zenhouses in third place,

Tanguy Nef in fourth place and Loïc Meillard in fifth place had been able to dream of the very big coup. Millard dropped back to 9th place in the final classification, Nef retired after a threader.

World Cup points also went to Marc Rochat and Reto Schmidiger on this historic day. Rochat, who started with number 61, finished 16th.

Schmidiger delivered his first countable World Cup result this winter with 23rd place. The strength of Swiss slalom riders is well known.

What the drivers of coach Matteo Joris performed in the first round on the "Chuenisbärgli", however, exceeded even the boldest expectations.

Behind Yule, who had used the half-time lead to repeat his previous year's victory in Madonna di Campiglio on Wednesday,

also brought Ramon Zenhaeuser, he despite an attenuation by a gastrointestinal virus, the surprising Tanguy Nef and Loïc Meillard in an excellent starting position and further fueled the already good mood among the audience.

Adelboden - Noël alone among Swiss:

Zenhaeuser lost 33 hundredths in third place, Nef, four days earlier as sixth in Madonna di Campiglio rarely classified in the World Cup, fourth 35ths hundredths,

and Meillard, who digested the disappointment from the previous day in the giant slalom, fifth in 48th place hundredth.

Only Clément Noël was able to break into the circle of outstanding Swiss. The youngest Frenchman is the second fastest, 25 hundredths behind Yule.

Reto Schmidiger and Sandro Simonet will probably also be there in the decision with backlogs of 1.5 and 1.6 seconds.

Luca Aerni, on the other hand, missed the qualification for the second run after a time-consuming mistake on the finish slope.

In the statistics with the podium places in the World Cup Slalom in Adelboden, which has been held since 2000, only one Swiss is listed so far.

Marc Berthod decided the classic race 13 years ago. Graubünden started with number 60.


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