Sarah Harrison

Sarah Harrison Is Excited:

After the pros, the celebrities are now aiming at the dartboard again! On Saturday evening "The Celebrity Darts World Cup 2020" flickers over the focusing screens.

For the fourth time, ProSieben has invited the international darts elite to the target with stars and starlets. Also on board: Sarah Harrison (28), a social media star!

The mom of the little Mia Rose (2) goes quite the nozzle before the big live show, as she reveals on the net.

In her Instagram story on Friday, the 28-year-old throws arrows in the kitchen at home. "Training comes first.

I'm really not so good and therefore quite nervous to play in front of such a large audience and in front of the professionals tomorrow," are her lines on the video, in which she fires arrow after arrow.

Although she has practised so much in the past few weeks, she doesn't feel safe at all.

Shortly before the show begins, she explains: "I'm here in the training room and I work hard and should I tell you something?

It just doesn't work at all." Sarah Harrison adds: "As often as I hit the wall where - it's terrifying. I'm so nervous that I can't get the pressure out of it.


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