Pietro Lombardi

Pietro Lombardi:

He is one of the dazzling stars in German show business: Pietro Lombardi. Musically, things couldn't go any better for the 27-year-old.

Pietro is currently heading for one million units of her summer hit “Senorita” with Kay One. At DSDS, ex-winner Pietro Lombardi has meanwhile become an integral part of Dieter Bohlen's jury.

But success in the job also has its downsides for the Sunnyboy. Since his failed marriage to Sarah, Pietro Lombardi has rarely been seen with a partner at his side. And the professional stress also seems to bother him, as he reveals RTL.

Pietro Lombardi: "You break!"

"It is too much, it is hard. You break. I sometimes have five gigs and 3000 kilometres on weekends. I play on all stages.

I don't care if I have 200 spectators or 50,000. It doesn't matter, ”Pietro says in the interview. However, it is especially the loneliness that troubles him.

“At the end of the day, when I open the door at home, I'm alone. I am lonely. Then I think, 'old man, everyone thinks he's bathing in gold', but I'm lonely. And then no money will bring you anything. "

The centre of his life is son Alessio, Pietro continues. "My son is crazy about papa. We see each other twice a week all day. I don't take any jobs there either. Nothing at all."

But if it were up to him, Alessio should not remain an only child: "I hope that in ten years I will have 2.3 children, a woman by my side and nice family life."

Pietro Lombardi surprises with hospital photos:

Pietro Lombardi has recently caused quite a stir with photos. The singer appeared from the hospital bed, his leg wrapped up thick. Pietro Lombardi writes: “Surgery well.”


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