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Peter Wright New Records:

Peter Wright is the new darts world champion. He often thought of giving up - when he was a child he still aimed at trees.

  • Peter Wright is the new darts world champion.
  • The Scotsman defeated the actual dominator Michael van Gerwen on New Year's Day.
  • Peter Wright had long been written off.

London - Admittedly, if you're zapping into a darts broadcast for the first time, you're likely to feel a bit strange.

Two grown-up people throw small arrows on a disk, in the end, thousands of people cheer who are most likely disguised or even a little drunk. In most cases, both.

At Alexandra Palace in London, audiences and players are in top form year after year. At the 2020 World Cup, a man prevailed this time that you could not count on.

Because darts is a sport in which the Dutch always end up winning - at least in the recent past.

Peter Wright - New darts world champion - gripping final against Michael van Gerwen:

Michael van Gerwen is considered the darts dominator, "Mighty Mike" has won countless titles in recent years.

But now he had to give the Scotsman Peter Wright 3: 7 defeat in the final. Ultimately, van Gerwen showed unexpected weaknesses in the double fields, "Snakebite",

however, remained ice cold and transformed with dream-like security. It was a very special fairy tale for him.

Because you just hang on to the likeable Scotsman - especially the one who just happens to be watching darts for the first time.

The shrill Peter Wright, whose wife Joanne chooses his styling before each competition and colours him the Iroquois for two hours, is considered a favourite with the public.

Unlike van Gerwen, who occasionally teases something with his way ("A lot of people make mistakes in games, I don't make mistakes.")

Peter Wright - Darts star once aimed at trees:

Wright rarely should have had his greatest hour. The Scotsman, growing up in poor conditions, threw arrows at trees on which he had previously painted a dartboard.

The family couldn't afford a real board. Peter Wright hardly remembers his difficult childhood. Despite his huge talent, he only plays at the regional level for a long time.

Until Joanne urges him to seriously tackle the path to the top of the world. It is also his wife who advises him against a specifically planned end of a career at the end of 2013.

Peter Wright - Darts World Champion overwhelmed after victory - special thanks to Ms Joanne:

Gallstones, lack of money and ridicule worried the Peter Wright, the rise of simple living conditions into privileged was not mapped out.

At the peak of his career, the new champion also remembered the many setbacks. In the hour of his greatest triumph, the new darts world champion was therefore particularly grateful to the trained hairdresser, his Joanne.

In the life of the shrill Scots, she is responsible for so much more than for the always brightly coloured hair.

Wright's voice stopped on the world's largest darts stage in London when asked about it. Previously, the much-celebrated darling of the audience had cried uncontrollably.

“It's all for them, for the kids and the family. They always said that one day I would become world champion, ”said Peter Wright after the biggest day in his career as a professional athlete.

Peter Wright - After the triumph at the Darts World Cup, the game continues:

What's next for Peter Wright? The victory washed him almost 600,000 euros in prize money. But it is not resting. In darts, it is common for it to be hit after hit - or rather throw after throw.

The "Celebrity Darts World Cup 2020" begins on January 4th. A format from TV broadcaster ProSieben. A world-class player competes with another celebrity against another team.

The fun is commented by Elmar Paulk. He is considered the voice of German darts, published books on cult sport - meanwhile he is the darts figurehead of DAZN.

Also, there is Fallon Sherrock, who wrote history at the World Cup in London and was the first woman to move on to the next round. She plays with the former FC Bayern star Luca Toni.


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