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Ozzy Osbourne 2019:

Is the musician Ozzy Osbourne dying? As several media now want to know, Osbourne is supposed to wait for death. Now his daughter spoke up.

  • Is Ozzy Osbourne dying?
  • An acquaintance now reveals how badly the musician is supposed to be.
  • But now he and his daughter spoke up.

After rumours that Ozzy Osbourne was dying, his daughter Kelly spoke up. In an Instagram story, she said that she had a good start to the new year.

“I went to lunch with my family. Then I spent the rest of the day hanging out with my father and laughing.

”Then she came home and read all the news. "Sometimes the media make me sick. It's no secret that my father had a rough year in terms of his health, but the hell again, it's total bullshit. ”

And her father also spoke up, according to the rumours. He posted on Instagram and wrote: Have you read any good news recently?

He posted a screenshot of Spotify in his story. On it you can see the cover of his album "Down To Earth" from 2001, of which he seems to be listening to the single "Alive" (in German: "Am Leben"). A clear message from Ozzy Osbourne.

Great concern for rock legend: is Ozzy Osbourne dying?

Los Angeles - Shock news from the USA: as several media agree, the musician Ozzy Osbourne is said to be dying.

As an acquaintance of the British told Radar Online, the 71-year-old is lying in his house in Los Angeles and waiting for death.

Notes are condensing: is Ozzy Osbourne dying?

Accordingly, Ozzy Osbourne had almost "lost his mind" due to the pain. As the acquaintance further explains, the musician is even said to be so bad that he no longer recognizes his wife Sharon. "He asked her who she was," reports the anonymous source to the portal.

What exactly is missing for the 71-year-old is not clear, but the acquaintance goes on to explain: "Ozzy Osbourne has chronic pain and is begging to be released from his suffering."

One of the reasons for this could have been a quad accident in 2003. Since then, the health status of the 71-year-old has deteriorated continuously, as the musician's friend reports. Only in October Ozzy Osbourne had cancelled his big tour for the second time.

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