Luis Alberto Spinetta

Luis Alberto Spinetta - The father of Spanish-language rock'n'roll:

The music icon Luis Alberto Spinetta would have been 70 this year, in 2014 Argentina celebrated a national holiday in honour of the singer on his birthday. Google is celebrating it today with a doodle.

At the age of 17 he founded one of the most influential rock bands in Argentine history - today the singer, composer, guitarist and poet Luis Alberto Spinetta would have been 70 years old.

That's why Google honours him with a doodle. Luis Alberto Spinetta is staged in the spotlight in the doodle, his red and white guitar in hand.

There is also an animated show in the background, showing Luis Alberto Spinetta's face as a close-up. According to Google, the colour green is reminiscent of the cover of Luis Alberto Spinetta's album “Artaud”.

Spinetta was born in Buenos Aires in 1950 and learned to play and sing the guitar at a young age. With two of his former classmates, he founded the rock band Almendra.

The group combined Spanish-language texts with progressive rock and is considered the founder of the Argentine rock national.

Spinetta is therefore often regarded as the father of Spanish-language rock'n'roll. Luis Alberto Spinetta founded several bands in the 1970s and 1980s that inspired the international "Rock en Español" movement.

In 2016, his latest record, Los Amigo, won one of the highest awards in Argentine music, the "Golden Gardel Album of the Year" award.

The award was given posthumously, however, because Luis Alberto Spinetta died of lung cancer in 2012.

Two years later, in honour of Luis Alberto Spinetta, Argentina changed the day of the musician, the “Día Nacional del Músico” from November 22nd to January 23rd.


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