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Lena Meyer-Landrut Inside Dropped a Bomb:

Lena Meyer-Landrut and Mark Forster are said to be in a relationship. Nothing was official yet - until now. A close confidant now confirms love.

Munich - The year 2020 started with a bang - at least as far as the news about two very prominent German musicians are concerned.

Lena Meyer-Landrut and Mark Forster are said to be in a relationship. The rumour filled many gazettes and portals.

Now a close confidant of Lena Meyer-Landrut has confirmed the relationship. And if not he, then who should know?

Lena Meyer-Landrut and Mark Forster a couple? Close confidant confirms relationship:

It is none other than Lena’s duet partner: Nico Santos. Together they have already recorded the song "Better". On YouTube, Lena said about the song: “Love.

Nico and I have both gone through breakups ”. But Lena is not a breakup. The relationship with Mark Forster has now been confirmed by Santos on the radio.

At Berlin 104.6 RTL, the singer said, according to t-online.de, that the joint recordings for the song "Better" were not yet about Mark Forster.

The song was released in mid-August. But Santos reveals how long he has known about love. She told me so three months ago or so, ”Santos reveals.

Lena Meyer-Landrut and Mark Forster are said to be a couple:

Now the fan can be curious when the ESC winner from 2010 will officially comment on their relationship.

Mark Forster already posted a promising picture. By the way, a video from the past shows him without his cap. Would you recognize him?

Lena could enjoy the new love in every way. Because the singer announced shortly before the rumour came to light a break. She needs a break from social media.

Whether she has been with Mark Forster for exactly three months or has been going on for a long time is not set in stone. There is at least a lot of evidence that they got closer at "The Voice Kids" *.

Since the beginning of the year, it has been speculated whether the singer Lena Meyer-Landrut is with Mark Forster. Now promising pictures have appeared.


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