Laura Müller

Laura Muller:

Laura Müller surprises her fans with sexy news at the beginning of the year: she decorates the title of the new "Playboy" edition.

Laura Müller: Michael Wendler's girlfriend undressed for "Playboy":

She is said to have dropped the covers for the men's magazine, whose new edition will be released on Thursday (January 9). How far it went is not yet known.

In their last Instagram posts, which have no relation to the previously unconfirmed announcement of the "Playboy" shooting, some of their followers are excited to comment on how much they look forward to the 'Playboy' and 'probably have to buy it'.

But what will they get to see? After all, as a loyal observer, you are used to a lot. Laura Müller likes to keep her fans happy with sexy photos and small clips and is certainly not stingy with her existing charms.

No official confirmation from the "Playboy":

The world still has to be patient. Confirmation and the corresponding images, if any, will be kept under lock and key until shortly before the new edition is published. The fans will only learn more on Wednesday.

Instead of a jungle camp - the couple is vacationing in Panama:

The 19-year-old is currently vacationing with her Michael in Panama. Until a few weeks ago it was rumoured that she would be moving into the Australian jungle, i.e. the RTL jungle camp, at this time.

Unfortunately, this hope of the fans was disappointed. Instead, on Friday Laura's "predecessor" Claudia Norberg, 49, moves into one of the camp beds.

Whether Laura Müller in Panama might want to escape the big media hype that - should she be seen in the new "Playboy" - will come to her?

And should Claudia Norberg unpack one or the other story about her ex in the jungle, this should also cause a stir.


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