Katja Krasavice

Katja Krasavice New Album:

After a long wait on January 17, the time had come: Katja Krasavice's debut album was released. Even before the release, it was clear that there was huge interest in the pretty blonde's album.

So huge that she was able to sell all of her deluxe boxes before the release and was thus able to secure a strong start.

A week has passed since the release and the rapper was able to prove to all of Germany that she is serious about the music.

Her album "Boss Bit * h" was at the top of the charts, making Katja Krasavice one of the few rappers in Germany who could be number 1 on the charts with her debut albums.

The competition was anything but weak. With her album, she had to prevail against none other than Eminem, who landed at number 2 in the charts in Germany directly behind her.

Now she published a post on Instagram in which she thanks her fans for her support. The rapper also addresses unsightly moments from her childhood and explains that all these bad memories were worthwhile today.

For them, this number 1 is something very special. We congratulate on this mega success! “'Katja Krasavice's debut solo album“ Boss Bit * h ”is number 1 in the official German chats!’ - A sentence that shows me that you can achieve anything.

Now the time has come, all the hate, all the tears in my nursery and the resentment - everything was worth it!

I've always been different. Always think one person over the other. Because I think differently, look different and trade differently.

I never wanted to lie to be liked, or adjust my appearance normally to be part of it. I always knew that my revealing manner and my revealing clothing made people start to hate me.

I didn't understand why people exclude, spit on, or even hit me. Today I know: the weaker want to take away from those who shine. Too bad, shine even more today her pussies.

Today the freak goes to number 1 and holds his award in front of his big tits. And to everyone from back then who laughed at me and followed me today: if you are nice you can hold the award sometimes mal


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