Harvey Weinstein News

Harvey Weinstein News:

The criminal case against Harvey Weinstein started in New York. Outside the court, alleged victims and a lawyer comment. Inside the accused is silent. "Are you here for Harvey?"

Asks a security guard. "I wish it was over ..." he sighs. The trial of former film producer Harvey Weinstein didn't begin until Monday morning at Criminal Justice Court on Manhattan's Lower East Side and is expected to last six to eight weeks.

The prosecutor accused Weinstein of raping a previously unknown woman in a New York hotel room in 2013 and sexually assaulting former production assistant Mimi Haleyi in his apartment seven years earlier.

Weinstein did not deny in advance that both women had sexual intercourse. However, this was done by mutual agreement. Should the jury judge Weinstein's presentation, he would have to be acquitted.

At the trial, Wigdor represents the alleged rape victim, who is not yet known by name. Like Haleyi and four other women who claim to have been victims of acts of sexual violence by Weinstein, the woman is said to testify in the course of the trial.

It only becomes "crazy" later:

In the early Monday morning, especially media representatives were in front of the courthouse, the temperatures were below zero, it was snowing lightly.

A young woman had come to distribute Donuts to survivors, victims of sexual assault. In the courtroom on the 15th floor of the Criminal Court, there were no MeToo activists in the audience later, at least none of them made any noise.

The room was full, but not overcrowded. It was only in about two weeks, when the jury was going to get "crazy" here, a reporter from the US daily New York Daily News had speculated in the queue.

When the accused Weinstein finally arrived and walked slowly into the courtroom, supported by a walking aid, the once so big film mogul looked small.

The 67-year-old has recently undergone a back operation and is visibly physically drawn. Some people in the audience were visibly startled to see how frail Weinstein appeared.

He was accompanied by several lawyers, including his main defender, Donna Rotunno. Weinstein took a seat in front of presiding Judge James Burke.

The first day of negotiations was dominated by procedural questions. The jury selection will then begin on Tuesday.

Given Harvey Weinstein's popularity and media coverage since the first allegations against him were made public in October 2017, it is a comparatively complicated process to find people who can judge the accused impartially.

As soon as the composition of the jury has been determined, the process will continue with the opening pleadings from the indictment and defence.


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