Harry and Meghan Baby

Harry and Meghan Baby:

Queen Elisabeth wants to support her grandson and his wife on their way to their new life. Final decisions should be made soon.

It was eagerly awaited what would come out of the crisis meeting of the British royal family at the Sandringham manor - now the head of the family has said:

"Today my family had very constructive discussions about the future of my grandson and his family," said Queen Elizabeth II early Monday evening with.

Much remains to be done since “complex” questions have to be clarified. The Queen left open whether Harry and Meghan would keep their titles as Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

She would have preferred if the two full-time members of the royal family had stayed, the Queen informed.

However, she respected and understood the desire of the two to live a more independent life than a family "while remaining a valued part of my family".

In the statement, the Queen mentioned a central point of Harry's and Meghan's plan made public in the middle of last week that they wanted to do without public funding in the future.

The Queen speaks on this topic of a "transition phase" in which "the Sussexes" would spend time in Canada and Great Britain.

In conclusion, the Queen stated: "There are complex issues to be resolved for my family and there is still some work to be done, but I have asked for final decisions to be made within the next few days."

Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, and his wife, Duchess Meghan, want to partially give up their royal duties, earn money themselves and in the future divide their lives together with son Archie between Great Britain and North America.

The news had not only surprised the public, but also the royal family itself. Accordingly, the first official statement was a little tighter, but an understanding of the desire for change had already been signalled in it.

Meghan is connected by phone from Canada

For the "Sandringham Summit", the Sandringham Summit, as the "BBC" called the extraordinary meeting of the royals on the Queen's estate, the Queen had invited her son, Harry's father Prince Charles, and Harry's brother William and Harry himself.

British media reported that they can be connected by phone from Canada, where they are currently with their son Archie.

The following topics may have been on the agenda:

How do Harry and Meghan want to earn their money and, as announced, make themselves financially independent of the royal family?

Each of your professional steps beyond "the company" should not only be followed with the greatest attention by the press.

Will Harry and Meghan keep their titles?

Will Harry and Meghan still take on royal duties? In their withdrawal statement, the two emphasize their continued ties to the Queen.

But what this means for her future public role in the royal family "is not at all clear," says "BBC" correspondent Jonny Desmond.

Former Buckingham Palace press chief Dickie Arbiter sees this as one of the biggest problems at the crisis meeting.

"You are either a royal or you are not a royal - you cannot have one foot in one camp and the other in the other," says Arbiter.

How will Harry, Meghan and son Archie be protected in the future, who will ensure their safety?

How will Harry and Meghan deal with the media? The couple complained about the persecution in the press in interviews, especially Meghan often felt wrongly approached and placed in the spotlight too much.

This also prompted Harry and Meghan to withdraw, especially given his mother Diana's accidental death after a chase by press photographers. Meghan is said to have faced a collapse.

There were no detailed answers to these questions today - according to the Queen's statement, it is Harry and Meghan himself who still have to make decisions.

Irritation also in Canada:

In Canada, too, the open questions about the future of Meghan and Harry are confusing. There the public is also concerned with the question of whether the state will pay the security costs if the two move to Canada.

"Many conversations are still needed". In principle, the Canadians strongly supported that the couple wanted to live in their country.

When asked whether Canada would cover Meghan and Harry's security costs, Trudeau said, "I think that's part of the thinking that needs to be done and talks are underway."

According to the Canadian media, Harry's protection, Meghan and her son Archie cost approximately $ 1.7 million in Canadian dollars annually.

Regardless of all the more practical and organizational aspects that the family dealt with at the "Sandringham Summit", the public was primarily concerned with the question:

How big are the distortions and discrepancies in the British royal family? Are the cracks still to be puttied? Now the queen assured her grandson and his small family the full support.

Harry and William outraged about “Times” articles:

A report on Monday about an alleged reason for the crisis between Prince William and Prince Harry had previously outraged the brothers, as they made clear in a joint statement: “For brothers who are so concerned about mental health issues the use of inflammatory language in this way is offensive and potentially harmful, ”the statement said.

The name of the newspaper was not mentioned in the communication. Upon request, a spokesman for Buckingham Palace informed the German Press Agency that it was the “Times”.

This had reported that Harry and Meghan felt victimized by William. You would have accused William of a "bossy attitude".

The paper itself added that this allegation was vigorously rejected by circles close to William and Kate, as well as some sources close to Prince Harry.

Despite the clear rejection of the allegations mentioned "this wrong story was published in a British newspaper today", the princes now criticized.

Not only had the "Guardian" predicted that the Queen would put all personal feelings aside when it came to the future of the royal family.

She would look for “a pragmatic approach” to avert a quicker solution from the monarchy. The practical solution will be worked on for a few more days.


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