Grammy Awards 2020

Grammy Awards 2020:

The upcoming Grammy Awards 2020 are under criticism: rapper Diddy made an anger speech and Taylor Swift doesn't even appear.

National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, which is responsible for awarding the Grammy Awards 2020, is criticized.

Two artists have therefore decided to take drastic measures. Taylor Swift (30, "Lover") is unlikely to appear at the ceremony and rapper Diddy (50, "Last Night") made a critical speech in advance.

Swift's appearance has been cancelled:

Though nominated for three of the popular music awards, Taylor Swift will not be at the ceremony.

According to several US media, including "People" and "Variety", the singer has cancelled a surprise appearance and will not appear.

There could be hidden criticism behind the cancellation, reports "Page Six". Deborah Dugan, the former head of the Grammy Academy, had recently made serious allegations.

She had complained about "rampant sexism" in the organization before her suspension. Swift allegedly wanted to perform her feminist song "The Man" at the ceremony.

In the song, she ponders whether she would have lived her life the same way if she had been born a man. "I'm tired of running as fast as I can. I wonder if I would have got there faster if I were a man," she sings.

This year Swift has been nominated for "Lover" for the song of the year, for "You Need To Calm Down" for the best pop solo performance and for "Lover" for the best pop album.

Diddy criticized the award in a raging speech:

At the Industry Icon Awards, rapper Diddy, whose real name is Sean Combs, had expressed a lot of criticism of the Grammy award.

Above all, Diddy, who was honoured with the special award as an icon of the music industry on Saturday, accused the behind the US music award of "never accepting black music".

According to "Entertainment Weekly", the rapper called for a change at the previous event of the Grammys: "I'm officially starting an alarm clock with this.

You have 365 days to get your crap together." He further explained: "We as artists have to get control back. We need transparency. We need diversity."

Diddy received loud applause for his speech, including rapper Jay-Z (50) and singer Beyoncé (38).

In the past few years, the awarding of the Grammys has often been heavily criticized, especially when African-American artists went away empty-handed.


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