Ferdinand Schmidt-Modrow

Ferdinand Schmidt-Modrow Death Cause:

The death from "Dahoam is Dahoam" star Ferdinand Schmidt-Modrow shocked his family and friends. The actor had died surprisingly this week at the age of only 34.

'We are stunned that Ferdi is dead' a close friend told the Munich evening newspaper. "The reason is a tear in the oesophagus."

So far, it was only known that the cause of death was an “unrecognized previous illness”. According to Topnews43 information,

Ferdinand Schmidt-Modrow was on private vacation on the north German island of Wangerooge. There he is said to have suddenly become ill.

Rescue workers flew the TV star to the Reinkenheide Clinic in Bremerhaven on Wednesday with a helicopter.

The actor is said to have collapsed on the flight to the hospital, according to the Munich evening newspaper.

He was put in a coma at the hospital and died shortly afterwards on January 15 of the consequences of the oesophagal tear.

The Bavarian actor participated in numerous television projects, including the telenovela "Sturm der Liebe" and the TV film "False Seventies".

In the television series “Dahoam is Dahoam” he embodied the cosmopolitan and modern pastor Simon Brandl and was also seen in several films, including “Die Welle” alongside Jürgen Vogel and Frederick Lau.

"With his diverse facets, his sensitivity and his energy, he won his roles and was also a human gift," said Bettina Ricklefs, Program Director of the BR-Spiel-Serie series. She was deeply touched and shaken by the death of Ferdinand Schmidt-Modrow.


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