Claudia Norberg

Claudia Norberg:

Before the jungle camp, Wendler's ex-wife Claudia Norberg reveals what she thinks about the playboy shoot of her successor Laura.

Many IBES viewers are particularly looking forward to Wendler's ex-love, as this viewer's tweet emphasizes.

Sydney - Danni Büchner wants to know exactly: In the jungle camp, she retires to the pond with Claudia Norberg and punches the Wendler ex with questions.

What do they think of the playboy shoot of her successor Laura Müller? "I don't care. It is no longer my world.

There are more important things in life for me, ”says Norberg, who hopes to find a new love in the jungle herself.

Claudia Norberg - She doesn't want to see Laura Müller's Playboy photos:

In an interview with RTL, she reacted emotionally to Laura Müller's Playboy shoot before the start of the jungle camp.

"No no. I don't want to see these photos at all! ”, She quickly declines when an editor hands her a tablet with the Playboy recordings.

“Everyone else looks at it out of curiosity and entertainment. For me, it's real life. So I ask for your understanding that this is something different for me, ”says the 49-year-old and even congratulates on the shoot.

Claudia Norberg entrusts herself to Danni Büchner

"We had differences of opinion" In the jungle, she has to answer Danni Büchner now.  Büchner does not believe that the pop star is respectful of his ex: "It doesn't work as an outsider."

She continues to pester: "Does he support you? Are you getting help? "Claudia Norberg replies shortly:" I have my mom now. "

Danni Büchner doubts Wendler's feelings for Laura Müller

Büchner is also sceptical about the relationship between 19-year-old Laura Müller and Michael Wendler.

She doubts that after 30 years of relationship including ten years of marriage, you can fall in love again directly. Claudia Norberg assures: “Yes, but it happened that way. He fell in love. "

At least the mother-in-law is behind Claudia Norberg - in an interview, she even blasphemed about her son's new girlfriend.

Claudia Norberg is popular with RTL viewers, as the betting odds show. The favourite is extremely surprising. Sensation in the first episode: Günther Krause leaves the jungle camp in episode 1.

The jungle camp is viewed particularly critically this year due to the Australian bush fires - yet these 12 candidates are fighting for the jungle crown.


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