Babylon Berlin

Babylon Berlin Finally In Season 3:

"Babylon Berlin" is a rarity in the streaming world: a great German series that is not from Netflix. The Sky series finally continues with a spectacular third season.

The critics were quite a few. The best German series from 2017, if not one of the best series ever from the year, was the Sky series "Babylon Berlin".

Season 3 has now received the first trailer and not only promises an exciting continuation of the historical crime series produced jointly by Sky and ARD. The pictures are cinematic.

'Babylon Berlin' Season 3 on Sky continues to descend into the pool of sins:

The western world has never been as exciting and full of potential as it was in the 1920s after the end of World War I.

Berlin was the cultural centre and quickly became a place of political upheaval and moral decay.

In the "Golden Twenties," the young Commissioner Gedeon Rath (Volker Bruch) is drawn to the capital of the Reich, where he is drawn into a swamp of criminals, artists and killers.

"Babylon Berlin" Season 3 continues its story. The second season of the German Sky series "Babylon Berlin", directed by "Lola rennt" director Tom Tykwer, ends with a shocking cliffhanger for our main character Gedeon Rath.

Season 3 will show us how he will continue to assert himself against political intrigue, illegal arms trafficking and the impending right-wing radical movement.

What is the plot of 'Babylon Berlin' season 3?

The special new component that "Babylon Berlin" season 3 introduces into the series is a masked serial killer that makes life difficult for Gedeon Rath.

As if Berlin was not already shaken by organized crime, excessive sex orgies, excessive alcohol consumption and extremists in all political camps. How should Rath keep an eye on it?

If the Gedeon-Rath novel "The Wet Fish" by Volker Kutscher served as a loose template for the first two seasons of "Babylon Berlin",

which were produced in one train and broadcast together, the successor novel "Der mute Tod" is now supposed to be the material delivers for season 3.

The story mainly revolves around a series of murders in the film industry and the funeral of a SA storm leader. The series will also continue previous storylines around popular characters.

Who is part of the cast of "Babylon Berlin" season 3?

In addition to Volker Bruch as Gedeon Rath, there is a reunion with Liv Lisa Fries, Benno Fürmann, Christian Friedel, Jeanette Hain, Lars Eidinger, Misel Maticevic and Leonie Benesch.

As exciting new additions, fans of German acting can look forward to a whole range of visually stunning actors in the cast of "Babylon Berlin" Season 3:

  1. Meret Becker
  2. Cargo Cult
  3. Peter Jordan
  4. Hanno Koffler
  5. Trystan putter
  6. Saskia Rosendahl
  7. Bernhard Schütz
  8. Sabin Tambra
  9. Martin Wuttke
  10. Ronald Zehrfeld

When does 'Babylon Berlin' season 3 start on Sky?

'Babylon Berlin' season 3 is scheduled to start on Sky in Germany at the end of 2019 and will run on ARD in autumn 2020.

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