Australia fire

Australia Fire In Bush:

Now warships and thousands of reservists are supposed to help: In the fight against the bush fires in Australia, the government is calling on more and more military personnel to help.

The death toll rose to 23. An area larger than Belgium has been destroyed. The government is increasingly calling on the military to help fight the devastating bushfires in Australia.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced the deployment of a third warship, the HMAS "Adelaide," to support evacuation from coastal cities.

The "Adelaide" is designed to help residents of the states of New South Wales and Victoria evacuate. Two other ships, the MV "Sycamore" and the HMAS "Choules" are already in operation of the city of Mallacoota.

Australia Fire - Mandatory use for reservists for the first time:

Besides, up to 3000 reservists will be called up and military bases will serve as emergency shelters.

Defense Secretary Linda Reynolds said that for the first time in the country's history, there was a mandatory mission for reservists.

Besides, 20 million Australian dollars (around 12.45 million euros) would be made available to lease an additional four fire engines, Morrison announced in Canberra.

"The decision will put more feet on the ground, more planes in the air, and more ships at sea," said the head of government.

Morrison is criticized. He is considered a coal producer - Australia is the world's largest exporter of coal and LPG.

Morrison sees the fires as a natural disaster. That is why he does not want to change his climate policy.

His Christmas vacation in Hawaii also earned him a lot of criticism. Morrison had been insulted during a visit to the fire area in Cobargo.

Because of the bushfires, thousands of people from more than two dozen coastal cities in the southeast of the country have already been brought to safety.

According to the authorities, this is the largest peacetime evacuation operation in Australia's history. The bushfires on the continent have been raging for months.

According to Morrison, 23 people have died since September. More than five million hectares of land have been burned, which is about one and a half times the area of ​​Belgium.

And the situation is likely to worsen at temperatures of up to 46 degrees. Lightning could start new fires.

Australia Fire - Devastating consequences for flora and fauna:

But the bush fires do not only threaten human lives and entire towns. The consequences for the continent's unique flora and fauna are also devastating.

Experts estimate that almost half a billion animals have already died in the flames in the particularly affected state of New South Wales.

Andrew Beattie from Macquarie University near Sydney says that "if you include mammals, birds, reptiles and larger insects such as butterflies," he believes that billions of animals have been killed by the fires across the country.

It is "fairly certain that in large parts of these very extensive fire areas most of the animal world is dead," emphasizes the biologist. "The flora and fauna are gone."

The koalas, which are already threatened by disease and the loss of their habitat, are particularly affected: the marsupials live on trees, feed only on certain types of eucalyptus and are not fast enough to escape the flames.

Even before the current bushfires, the number of koalas in New South Wales and Queensland fell by 42 per cent between 1990 and 2010 - no one knows how many were now killed by the bushfires.

The future of the most severely burned areas, Beatty says, will depend on factors such as rainfall and climate in the coming months. It could take up to 40 years for the habitats to be restored.


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