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It's a battle of the giants: US President and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos have had a feud for a long time.

With conspiracy allegations, she now reaches a new climax. It looks bad for Amazon this time. It all starts with a colourful sheet of paper.

It's mid-July, with Amazon, Microsoft and Oracle fighting for an order from the American military. Everyone knows that Amazon is a favourite.

To stop the competitor, Oracle uses a dirty trick. Company lobbyists send a chart to the White House showing Amazon employees and Pentagon employees linked by arrows, hearts, and dollar signs.

Above that is the word "conspiracy". The graphic makes it onto President Donald Trump's desk - and it has the desired effect.

Soon after the action revealed by CNN, Trump spoke of "shocking complaints about Amazon." You have to look very closely at the matter.

The order is about equipping the barracks and warships of the country with clouds, with storage space on the Internet.

The project is worth $ 10 billion, and there has never been a major order in the industry. This is probably why Oracle was not squeamish.

The lobbyists did not provide evidence of the alleged conspiracy that they suggested, but it was not necessary.

They had good reason to hope that Trump's graphics would be so convincing. Because it is known that he doesn't like Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.

Trump does not attack American business leaders more often. In the end, the Pentagon placed the order with Microsoft.

Amazon is now taking action against this. In a letter to a Washington court, the lawyers of the group write that Trump has exerted "undue pressure".

They accuse the President of using the military's money for a "personal vengeance" against Jeff Bezos.

These are serious accusations. They don't appear out of thin air. Because Trump and Bezos have had a feud for a long time.

It is a battle of the giants. On one side is the most powerful man in the world, on the other side the richest.

"It looks bad for Amazon"

In the current exchange of blows, Bezos will probably be defeated.  The company had to prove that Trump had influenced.

Tweets and speeches in which he attacked Bezos were not enough, says Tiefer. For example, emails should show up showing that Pentagon employees felt under pressure.

The Ministry denies the allegations. But even if Amazon loses in court, a smack will remain. Trump's attacks on the online retailer and its founder are too obvious.

Where does the aversion come from? Above all, the president is annoyed that the Washington Post, which belongs to Bezos, often writes critically about him.

Trump calls the renowned newspaper “Fake News”, calling it a “propaganda machine”. Bezos, he claims, uses it as a lobbying organ. The President has so far not provided any evidence of this.

Again and again, it becomes personal between the two men. Bezos offered Trump to launch him into space with a rocket from his space company Blue Origin.

Trump mocked Bezos when his marriage broke up after an affair. The president later called him "Jeff Bozo" - Bozo was a famous television clown in America in the 1960s.

Trump also claims that Amazon harms the US Post. With every package that she delivers for the online retailer, she makes a loss of $ 1.50.

This would result in a minus of "many billion dollars". Trump speaks of a "fraud", again without providing evidence.

The Post is indeed in the red, but this is mainly because the Americans send fewer letters. Sending parcels, however, is considered a lucrative business.

However, Trump is right on another point. Amazon, he complains often, hardly pays taxes in America.

The company didn't pay a single cent to the US Treasury last year. It even received a $ 129 million discount, according to the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy.

Even though Amazon made more than $ 10 billion in profit in 2018. This number also shows what Trump's attacks do: little. It doesn't look like they're harming Amazon.

On the contrary, sales and profits are increasing. The company's stock has roughly doubled in value since Trump took office.

And Bezos has become the richest man in the world during this period. In early 2017, his fortune was around $ 70 billion, and today it is $ 110 billion.

Bezos also lost a few billion over and over, but in the end, no one has earned so well since Trump became President of the United States. That should only annoy Trump even more.


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