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All-inclusive vacationers affected by the Thomas Cook bankruptcy should be compensated with tax money.

The Federal Cabinet has decided to step in for the amount for which the responsible insurer does not pay.

The federal government wants to help package vacationers of the insolvent travel company Thomas Cook financially.

"The damage, which is not compensated by another side, will replace the federal government," said the federal government after a cabinet meeting.

The Thomas Cook customer should be offered to offset the difference to the amount they have received back from insurer Zurich "or another side".

"It is unreasonable for the customers to have to take care of the complex open legal issues on their own," the government continued.

Thousands of lawsuits and long-standing litigation are to be avoided. The travel company had fallen into the maelstrom of the bankruptcy of the British mother. German Thomas Cook filed for insolvency on September 25.

While the airline Condor, which has also been hit by the bankruptcy of the parent company, is being saved with state millions, the tour operator has to make do without state credit.

The organizer cancelled all trips, even if they were already paid in full or in part - and ceased operations.

According to Zurich, however, the sum insured, with which the customers were secured for this case, is not enough.

The loss will be well above the insured sum of € 110 million. So far, there are no final figures from the insurer. These are expected over the next few days.

The federal government should have neglected EU consumer rights:

In November, the insurer had informed that after the bankruptcy of the German travel group Thomas Cook sufferers have previously reported a loss of 250 million euros.

The cancellation of all Thomas Cook trips after the turn of the year, however, will further increase the demands, it said at the time.

Customers currently do not need to be active themselves to protect their rights," it said. At the beginning of 2020, she will "inform about the further steps to be completed".

The boss of the consumer centre federation, Klaus Mueller, praised the step. It was good that the federal government did not want to leave damaged consumers of the Thomas Cook bankruptcy in the rain, tweeted Müller.

Important now is unbureaucratic payments and better future protection of package holidays. The FDP criticized financial aid.

Deputy FDP faction leader Michael Theurer said: "Now that the taxpayer is to step in, is a guilty admission of the Grand Coalition."

She has the EU legislation poorly implemented. It can not tackle that risks nationalized and profits privatized become."

Unlike individual tourists, package vacationers are insured if their tour operator goes broke and the booked vacation fails.

But in the case of the industry giant Thomas Cook, the limits of legal protection were revealed. In Germany, the liability limit is currently capped at 110 million euros.

First lawyers already accuse the legislator of having failed to correctly transpose applicable EU law.

The EU Directive obliges the Member States to provide package travellers with "full protection" in the event of the organizer's insolvency. The German state had failed.

The ministers of justice of the federal states had recently called on the federal government to examine an increase in the cap.


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