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The Witcher Netflix:

Not as elaborate and epic as Game of Thrones, but still worth seeing: The Netflix series The Witcher offers good actors, spectacular sword fights and a successful plot as well as nice references to the computer game. could see the first five of eight episodes from the first season of The Witcher. We only tell as much about the plot as is necessary for the review.

If you don't want to learn anything about the series, you shouldn't read any further here!

We're not saying who or what is the first opponent Geralt von Riva strikes down in the now available Netflix series The Witcher.

But we reveal which is the second creature to fall victim to the sorcerer's sword: a cute little fawn. The fact is supposed to show that the main character has no conscience.

This is not meant to be as moralizing as it sounds. Witches in the Witcher novels by the Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski simply have little or no feelings.

That's why it doesn't matter to Geralt more or less whether he kills a Vukodlak (werewolf), a human or a Bambi. The main thing is that the payment is right - and there is something warm to eat.

Geralt cannot complain about a lack of money and food, at least in the first five episodes: he is almost always on duty.

Contrary to what the community feared, the witcher portrayed by Henry Cavill (Superman, Mission Impossible Fallout) is the focus of most of the time.

We like that: with his snow-white hair, the character on the television screen reminds us clearly enough of the character we know from the games - despite a certain age difference and although the series is officially based on Sapkowski's books.

Netflix has also made sure that gamers do not stray too much with the serial witcher. There are always nice allusions: As an example, we name the famous bath scenes from the beginning of The Witcher 3, which Netflix has reproduced. Gorgeous!

The second most important person is the sorceress Yennefer (Anya Chalotra), followed by Princess Ciri (Freya Allan).

We find the casting and the character developments successful, this also applies to secondary characters such as Mäussack and the Bard Delphinium; The latter may even sing a few songs.

Merely the motivation behind the Yennefer's transformation from a moderately disabled young woman into a standard film beauty did not convince us.

In the episodes we have seen there is a long-term story arc, namely the war between the kingdoms of Nilfgaard and Cintra and the resulting flight of Princess Ciri. In the episodes, this element partly plays a somewhat larger, partly a very minor role.

The focus is on self-contained adventures by Geralt, who, like most sorcerers, practices the profession of a monster hunter and has to track down and kill various horror characters on behalf of citizens or the nobility.


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