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Star wars - Porsche Designs Spaceship:

There is no question that the Porsche Taycan is facing the future. But the Tri-Wing S-91x Pegasus Starfighter, which Porsche designed for the upcoming "Star Wars" film, is aiming much further into the time.

May the Force be with him. It could be a glimpse into a very distant future, a finger exercise by the designers or just a smart PR gag: together with the Disney subsidiary Lucasfilm, car maker Porsche has developed a "Star Wars" style spaceship.

A one and a half meter long model of the "Tri-Wing S-91x Pegasus Starfighter" will be unveiled as part of the film premiere for the new part of the space fairy tale "The Rise of Skywalkers" in Los Angeles.

The campaign is also intended to draw attention to the US market launch of the Taycan electric limousine, which will compete primarily against the Tesla models from next year.

Now, of course, it would have been easy to draw a four-wheeled vehicle that carries the features of a Porsche.

According to the designers, designing a spaceship of this type is more of a real challenge. Michael Mauer, Head of Style Porsche, is nevertheless convinced that the tri-wing shows "clear analogies to the typical Porsche design language and proportions".

"Above all, the basic shape of the cabin, which tapers towards the rear, and the line to the turbines create visual parallels with the design of the 911 or Taycan," continues Mauer.

The Porsche DNA:

Of course, the designers of the Tri-Wing did not have to adhere so much to design requirements and certainly not to legal requirements for safety.

However, it is much more difficult that the spaceship can only be seen in the film for seconds. And it is precisely at these moments that a recognition effect is to be created.

With a view to the model, this will certainly only be possible forsworn Porsche fans.

Because no layperson will recognize that the air curtains, i.e. the air intakes that form a formal unit in Porsche vehicles, were also used in the Tri-Wing.

The typical Porsche four-point daytime running lights, which are also available in a modified form in the Tri-Wing, have a better recognition value.

Experts could also assign the rear grille with the slats and the integrated third brake light to the current 911.

The light strip that Porsche introduced to the new Panamera for the first time can also be found on the rear of the Tri-Wing.

According to Porsche, the 918 Spyder was also used for the ergonomics of the cockpit. In the end, the design of the spaceship took around two months.

But if you believe Doug Chiang, the creative director at Lucasfilm, then he experienced the project "as a creative challenge and inspiration".

"It is an exciting task to let Porsche's style flow into the world of 'Star Wars' and to develop an iconic new spaceship that could exist both in reality and in the film universe," says Chiang.

It remains to be seen how the fans will react to the model at the premiere in Los Angeles and whether they will recognize it as a Porsche Tri-Wing in the fire of the battles between the Empire and the Republic.


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