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Sarah Lombardi Is Single:

Sarah Lombardi announced to her fans the separation from friend Roberto. The singer also confessed to young people. Ex Pietro's reaction followed immediately.

Sarah Lombardi 3 Important Points:

  1. Sarah Lombardi (27) is single again, the singer and her boyfriend Roberto have split up.
  2. The DSDS candidate also makes a confession to young people on Instagram.
  3. Less than two hours after the surprising news, Sarah's ex Pietro Lombardi also reacts.

Cologne - On Monday evening, singer Sarah Lombardi (27) called on her around 1.2 million Instagram followers for a question and answer session. And the news that came up there was a shock to many fans of the 27-year-old.

Sarah Lombardi and Roberto separated - surprising relationship break:

"Are you no longer with your boyfriend?" Asked a fan who already had a premonition because the former DSDS candidate quickly gave a clear answer.

"No, we are no longer together, but you know that I have lived my love life as best as possible, have kept it private for the last few years and would like to keep it," she writes with a kiss in her story.

Sarah Lombardi confessing to young people:

And Sarah Lombardi makes an open confession to her fans. When asked if she wanted another child, her answer is clear - she wants children.

"Yes, definitely," she writes with a heart emoji. Little Alessio, the four-year-old son of the singer and ex-husband Pietro Lombardi (27), is not supposed to remain an only child.

The singer is not alone in this: Cathy Hummels also recently spoke openly about a second child. Pietro Lombardi reacts to Sarah's separation less than two hours later.

A reaction from Pietro Lombardi to the end of the relationship took less than two hours. His fans were also allowed to ask him questions on Instagram in the evening.

And they promptly wanted to know his opinion about the separation of his ex Sarah. "I don't want to allow myself to say so much on the subject," he said at first but expressed himself nevertheless.

“The two are grown up and sometimes it just doesn't fit and you shouldn't force anything. "And at some point, the right partner will come."

Pietro is optimistic about love, too. He is a relationship man, he says when asked what it is like to be a permanent single.

"It comes as it comes, and it will come sometime", the former DSDS candidate, who sat on Dieter John's side in the jury this year, is certain.

In the ice skating show "Holiday on Ice" Sarah Lombardi and her "Dancing on Ice" partner Panagiotis "Joti" Polizoakis will be on stage in several cities until March 2020.

Sarah Lombardi is single again:

Exceptionally, we are not just wondering how Alessio is doing, but are concerned about the well-being of his mother Sarah Lombardi.

It has to cope with a separation again. As the 27-year-old announced, she and her Roberto are no longer a couple.

Sarah Lombardi is solo again. The singer confirmed in a question-and-answer session on her Instagram account that she had separated from her last life partner, Roberto.

"No, we are no longer together, but you know that I have kept my love life as private as possible for the past few years, and I want to keep it that way," Lombardi writes.

The Cologne native made the relationship public on the social networks with a first couple photo in summer 2018.

Sarah Lombardi was married to her colleague Pietro Lombardi from 2013 to 2019. The two had met in 2011 at "Deutschland Sucht den Superstar" (DSDS). He won the show at the time and came in second just behind.

Their son Alessio was born in 2015. The couple broke up in the headlines in October 2016. But for the sake of their child, the two soon agreed on a peaceful relationship.

Sarah Lombardi - Pietro wishes Sarah the best:

So Pietro's statement on the separation is not surprising: "I think the two are grown up and sometimes it just doesn't fit and you shouldn't force anything.

I can say that I only wish Sarah the best and the right partner will come at some point," he said Pietro in his Instagram story.

However, it wasn't Melissa in his case either. The relationship between the two did not go beyond a flirt. In other words: with Pietro and Sarah Lombardi only one person plays the first violin - Alessio


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