Sarah Kern

Sarah Kern:

"Malta is for me," says Sarah Kern. In the latest episode of the Vox show "Goodbye Deutschland", a camera team accompanies the designer during her emigration. Despite insolvency, Kern is fine.

Sarah Kern is broke. The ex-wife of the late designer Otto Kern had to file for personal bankruptcy last year.

The 49-year-old could not pay tax debts despite ongoing revenue through her fashion line. Since 2018, the procedure is running, in which it no longer has its income.

"I can not get any money, it all goes into the bankruptcy estate," insists Kern, who continues to work for a home shopping channel. Nevertheless, the former model wants to emigrate - and it is doing amazingly well.

In the broadcast of Monday evening (seen here at TVNow), the mother of two makes herself film as she moves with her ten-year-old son Romeo from a hotel in Munich to a hotel in Malta,

two months later rented in a luxurious apartment and her Son takes a taxi to school. Kern leads a comfortable life for an insolvent businesswoman.

Sarah Kern plagues existential fears:

"Is this emigration meant seriously or a PR campaign?" Asks the VOX voiceover. Both.

Kern, who made headlines in the past, especially with the separation from her second husband, presents herself as a loving and caring mother.

She knows from the past how it feels to have the "fears of existence at its finest". "I did not know how to feed the child," says the ex-wife of a multimillionaire. But you do not want to believe her right.

"Malta is for me because I'm a very Mediterranean type," says Kern, convinced of her choice for the Mediterranean island.

However, she has never set foot on the former British colony before she emigrated. Kern dreams of a jet-set life in the sun:

"Then I take a speedboat, I drive to the right - zack, I'm in Sicily, one hour to the left, I'm in Tunisia, that's just my thing," she explains in front of the camera, It does not sound like a lapse.

Kern lives luxuriously - despite bankruptcy:

Where does the money for their dreams come from? How I do that is no concern of mine, says Kern when asked how she finances her life.

The designer has rented herself into a modern house. It does not own furniture, but the apartment over several floors is luxuriously furnished. 

From Malta, Kern flies four times a month to Hanover for shots for their home shopping show. All income from it is currently flowing into bankruptcy.

"I want to pay my tax debt completely," she assures. By 2020 she wants to have completed the procedure.

The choice for Malta was not only because of the many suns in the Mediterranean. "I thought of the near future as preventive, then everything will be a bit more supple," says Kern meaningly.

She means the tax benefits that Malta offers entrepreneurs. She must have lived here for half a year, then she could start her own business here, says Kern.

Kern tends to drama:

Even in love, Kern seems to have found her new happiness in Malta. In a bar, she met the younger Maltese David. At first, she gave him a basket. But "bodybuilders with glasses" you rarely meet.

When she learned that he was working at the tax office, she would have met with him - even though she attached great importance to the fact that she and David were just friends.

"This island gives me the sunshine I need," says Kern, summing up her emigration. But she does not seem to know how well she is doing.

Instead of enjoying, the mother of two tends to drama. "What if I get sick and run out of revenue?" She asks.

A worry that many single mothers have. Even those who do not lead an emigration-existence between Malta and Germany.


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