Sanna Marin

Sanna Marin Youngest Prime Minister:

A 34-year-old soon pulls the strings in Finland's government: Sanna Marin is to inherit the resigned Antti Rinne as Prime Minister.

The young politician gathered as Minister of Transport government experience. Following the resignation of Finnish Prime Minister Antti Rinne, his Social Democrats have appointed former Transport Minister Sanna Marin as their successor.

Marin narrowly won the vote on the post of Prime Minister on Sunday. At 34, Marin is one of the youngest heads of government worldwide.

Within the EU, however, it will likely soon again Sebastian Kurz (33 years) out of the rank, which had won the elections in Austria at the end of September.

Rinne had resigned on Tuesday after a dispute within his coalition. The centre party involved in his government withdrew Rinne after a several-week dispute over reform at the Finnish post office trust and threatened to let burst only since June acting centre-left coalition.

Rinne, therefore, submitted his resignation to President Sauli Niinistö. Great political changes are not to be expected with the new head of government.

"We have a joint government program that we have committed to," said Marin. Since the other coalition partners had already signalled to stick to the previous government program and the Cabinet, nothing seems to stand in the way of the change at the top.

On Tuesday, the 34-year-old is to be sworn in by parliament. Finland currently holds the EU Council Presidency.


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