Robert Moritz

Robert Moritz:

Through him, the Kenya coalition ruling in Saxony-Anhalt went into a deep crisis.

Now the controversial CDU member of the district council and former neo-Nazi Robert Möritz is drawing consequences: he is leaving the party.

The controversial CDU member of the district council and former neo-Nazi Robert Möritz has left the party.

In his resignation, the WELT is available and on 20.12. Möritz asks for the “immediate resignation of all party functions and the immediate withdrawal from the CDU”.

He also revokes all Sepa direct debit mandates and asks for confirmation of termination of his membership.

As a justification, Möritz writes that he feels deeply connected with the values ​​of the CDU and fully represents them.

To avert further damage from the party and to pacify political discussions, I would like to send a personal signal here. Sometimes you need to reflect on the real priorities in life. ”

The 29-year-old physiotherapist and personal trainer are giving in to growing pressure from the state party.

At a crisis meeting on Thursday evening, the state executive had given him an ultimatum: Möritz had to fully explain his previous "activities and networking in the right-wing extremist scene" by December 27.
He also had to have a tattoo removed, which shows a so-called black sun, a symbol based on Germanic mythology that looks like superimposed swastikas and is used in the right-hand scene.

On December 28, the state executive then wanted to get a final picture of Möritz's past. But that doesn't happen anymore.

Because on Friday morning more details about Möritz's extreme right-wing past were revealed in the "Bild". Accordingly, he took part in military exercises in his former home Thuringia.

In 2011 he appeared as a folder on a neo-Nazi demo, a photo from 2014 shows him with members of a radical right-wing band, the founder of which regularly appears in the constitutional protection report of Saxony-Anhalt.

In contrast, Möritz did not join the CDU until 2018 but was elected to the Anhalt-Bitterfeld district board in the same year.

After the first allegations about a neo-Nazi past became known, the party friends there also saw no reason to part with Möritz.

This led the Kenya coalition of CDU, SPD and Greens ruling in Saxony-Anhalt into a deep crisis.

Prime Minister Reiner Haseloff's two coalition partners had sharply criticized Möritz's leniency and had in turn been apologized by CDU politicians.

Interior Minister Holger Stahlknecht in particular, who is also CDU state chairman, came under criticism for his crisis management.

The federal CDU had publicly referred to the "right to a second chance", but also urged full clarification of all entanglements. Möritz got ahead of that with his departure today.


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