Prince Andrew Jeffrey Epstein

Prince Andrew Jeffrey Epstein:

From Queen Elizabeth to William, Kate, Harry and Meghan to Sweden's Crown Princess Victoria and King Felipe of Spain.

Victims Attorney wants to summon Prince Andrew:

Tuesday, December 3, 9:58 am: Prince Andrew may soon receive a US court summons. As the British newspaper "Express" reports, five victims of Jeffrey Epstein are expected to demand testimonies from the prince.

The lawyer of the five women says the Queen's son could have important information about Epstein's sex trafficking. For all five cases, witness summons is now being prepared.

Whether the prince will say and when is unclear. For the summons can only be signed by a judge when Andrew is back in the US - then they have to be sent to him. If the Queen-son decides against a statement, he could then challenge the summonses.

In the past, the Royal said he had not seen, observed or suspected any suspicious behaviour during his visits to Mr Epstein's homes in Florida, New York and the Caribbean.

Serious allegations against Prince Andrew - "I knew I had to make him happy"

18:17: The US American Virginia Giuffre has raised in a BBC interview again serious allegations against the British Prince Andrew.

Your descriptions are likely to bring the 59-year-old in explanation. The woman claims she was forced to have sex with Andrew three times, twice as a 17-year-old.

The attacks are said to have happened in 2001 and 2002. The prince, who is considered the favourite son of Queen Elizabeth II, denies it, however.

When she was still a minor, the Royal gave her vodka at a London nightclub, Giuffre reported. Then he wanted to dance with her.

"He's the vilest dancer I've ever seen in my life," the woman said in the interview, which was due to be broadcast on Monday night. "It was terrible."

The Royal was friends for years with the US multi-millionaire Epstein and had stayed in his house. The relevant convicted American Epstein has taken his life in custody in 2019.

He was accused of abusing and forcing dozens of minors into prostitution. Even after Epstein's first prison stay, Andrew had not given up contact with him.

After a completely failed TV interview, with which he wanted to restore his reputation, Andrew recently resigned from all public duties for the royal family.

He also promised to help the investigative authorities. US victim lawyers called on the prince to testify under civil oath.

He also does not want to recognize a photograph of Andrew showing the youngsters in Maxwell's London home.

Allegations that the photo could be manipulated, Giuffre described in the BBC interview as "ridiculous". "There is only one of us who is telling the truth, and I know that's me."

Meanwhile, Norway's crown princess Mette-Marit regrets a contact with the now-dead US multimillionaire Jeffrey Epstein.

"I would never have had anything to do with Epstein if I had been aware of the severity of his crimes," the 46-year-old told the Norwegian newspaper "Dagens Næringsliv". 

"I should have looked into Epstein's past, and I'm sorry I did not." She also voiced her "solidarity" with Epstein's victims.

As the newspaper reported on Monday, Mette-Marit met the businessman several times in 2011 and 2013 in the US and Oslo. At the time there was already a guilty verdict and a spent prison for abuse behind him.

Harry and Meghan do not celebrate Christmas with the Queen - Kate and William "relieved"

14:57: While Kate and William want to spend the first Christmas holiday with Queen Elizabeth, Meghan and Harry celebrate according to the British media report, rather alone.

William and Kate want to celebrate with the Queen and other members of the British royal family at Sandringham House, a property of Queen Elizabeth in Norfolk, Christmas.

Harry and Meghan probably do not want to be there due to the tense mood between them and William and Kate.

The British "Express" reports that William and Kate are not angry about this decision. According to an insider, William accepted his brother's decision.

The insider, who is a friend of Willian, further reveals that William even on the one hand "relieved" about it.

On the other hand, it would also be "strange" to celebrate the first time without his brother on Christmas Day.

Queen - Bad joke about the death of the monarch unsettles social media:

Monday, December 2, 11:27: It's almost a sad tradition - at least once a year spreads a rumour about the death of the Queen.

This time the cause of the national panic outbreak in the UK: A WhatsApp message from a palace guard chat - fictional, as is now known.

In the fake chat, it is said that the 93-year-old monarch died on Sunday morning. One should prepare for two weeks of ceremonies to say goodbye to the head of state.

The message came from a group chat spread by a certain "Gibbo" forwarded by another source.

Royal fans worried about the Queen:

The British network was overnight, the terms "queen" and "dead" trend on Twitter. We waited anxiously for the confirmation this morning at 9.30 clock - which did not come.

On the contrary, the palace did not want to comment on the allegations. Charlie Proctor, Royal expert and publisher of the online magazine Royal-Central, said:

"She's alive, she's fine, and she's looking forward to seeing President Trump and other leaders of the NATO alliance on Tuesday received at Buckingham Palace. "

Twitter users then agreed that it would be utterly ridiculous to hear about the monarch's death. As a user wrote:

"Imagine the queen is dying and you hear from people named Gibbo and Ricey, who belong to a group with Burnsy, Cheeks and Morty."
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