Peter Schreier

Reactions from the music world for the death of opera singer Peter Schreier:

Musicians, companions and politicians have mourned the death of opera singer Peter Schreier. The Dresden chamber singer Olaf Bär told MDR KULTUR that Schreier had an unmistakable voice: "This timbre is unique.

" Schreier was "at an exceptionally high level in terms of voice technology" and controlled his voice: "He sang until he was 60 years old, and that was always a great presence and a very strong vocal mastery of his material, that is exceptional, "said Bär.

Besides, Schreier honoured his "incredible musicality": "His deep feeling for the music of the most different epochs, the most varied stylistic directions."

As a Bach interpreter, he set standards

The director of the Thuringian Bach Weeks, Christoph Drescher, described Schreier as a milestone in brokering Bach.

Its "inimitable clarity" continues to set standards. To this day, Schreier stands for a Bach painting "that is unreachable," says Drescher.

Minister of Culture Monika Grütters praised the lyrical tenor as "one of the most impressive voices in our country".

Schreier has always stood for the cultural nation of Germany, she said in Berlin. Above all, however, the "gifted singer" set standards as the interpreter of Johann Sebastian Bach.

Saxony's Prime Minister Kretschmer also expressed dismay at the death of the singer, who was born in Meißen.

He wrote on Twitter: "World fame and love of home - both belong to him." Schreier's love and loyalty to Dresden and Saxony were just as admirable as his splendid appearances.

Many other artists and institutions in the music world expressed their grief. The Berlin Philharmonic Choir described Schreier as one of the best Bach evangelists of all time.

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