new year's eve 2020

New Year's Eve 2020:

People live here first in 2020: In the Pacific island state of Samoa, however, a measles wave overshadowed the New Year's party.

Sydney celebrated despite the bush fires with rockets, Canberra and Hong Kong cancelled the fireworks.
The island states of Samoa and Kiribati were the first countries in the world to experience the turn of the year, and an hour later, at midnight Central European Time (CET), the fireworks also went up in New Zealand: the first countries started in 2020.

In the largest New Zealand city of Auckland, the Harbor Bridge shone in colour waves. The Sky Tower, the city's landmark, more than 300 meters high, spewed missiles from its top, as in previous years.

Before that, locals and tourists in Samoa's capital Apia celebrated the turn of the year with a big firework display.

This year's celebration joy was subdued by an outbreak of measles, from which 81 people have died since October.

It was only on Saturday that the Ministry of Health lifted a six-week emergency after a nationwide vaccination campaign hit almost all of the almost 200,000 inhabitants.

Samoa had moved to its New Year's Eve pole position in 2011 by moving its time zone.

Theoretically, those who are particularly fond of celebrations have the opportunity to slip into the New Year twice by travelling from Samoa to American Samoa east of the dateline.

There are only around 125 kilometres as the crow flies between the capitals, but there is a 25 hour time difference. The US outside area marks the end of New Year's Eve around the world.

New year's eve 2020 - Australia is suffering from bushfires:

In Australia, despite the devastating fires in the surrounding area, more than a million people made their way to Sydney Harbor and the surrounding neighbourhoods.

For Sydney Harbor, there was an exception to a general ban on fireworks designed to prevent additional fires.

People gathered at the port of Australia's largest city to watch the spectacle of lights and colours.

Demands by sections of the population to cancel the fireworks show in solidarity with the victims and to put the money in the affected regions were rejected.

The Mayor of Sydney, Clover Moore, defended the decision that the fireworks were going as planned.

The planning had already started 15 months ago. The event also boosted the region's economy. For many, this was misunderstood.

"How can there be fireworks in Sydney when half the country is on fire," it said on Twitter, for example. Some celebrations were cancelled elsewhere.

In Australia, the worst bush fires have raged since September, when records began. Eleven people died, over 1,000 homes were destroyed, and more than three million hectares of land - an area larger than Belgium - went up in flames.

New year's eve 2020 - Hong Kong cancels spectacles:

Because of the ongoing protests, Hong Kong wanted to celebrate this New Year's Eve without a fireworks spectacle.

The tourism authority of the Chinese special administrative region announced on Tuesday that the city's fireworks will be avoided for security reasons due to expected protests.

The cancellation was confirmed at the last minute, it was said after an impending waiver had already been reported in mid-December. Instead, a special New Year's version of the nightly light show should be held.

It was the first time in the ten-year history of fireworks that the spectacle in front of the skyline of the port city was cancelled.

According to press reports, the police had expressed their concerns that they would not be able to ensure law and order in the event of protests on New Year's Eve.

The protests against the government, Beijing's influence and for more democracy, which had been going on for six months, had flared up again at Christmas.

There were clashes between the police and demonstrators. Protests are also expected on New Year's Eve. A large demonstration is planned on New Year's Day.

New year's eve 2020 - ISS can celebrate 15 times:

The crew of the "International Space Station" (ISS) can slip into the New Year 15 times on New Year's Eve.

The Russian space agency, Roskosmos, said the news agency Ria Novosti said that the crew would exceed the date limit on January 1.

The space station orbits the earth every hour and a half. Twelve months ago, the ISS even welcomed the New Year 16 times.

New year's eve 2020 celebrate:

Roskosmos named three locations where the crew wants to celebrate: each according to local time over the control centre Houston (US state of Texas), over Lake Baikal in Siberia and the Pacific.

According to Roskosmos, olives, pistachios, dates, dried cranberries, pine nuts, hazelnuts and chocolate are served for the New Year.

Black caviar, which was otherwise consumed at New Year, must be avoided this time.

The Russian cosmonauts Alexander Skworzow and Oleg Skripotschka, the Americans Christina Koch, Jessica Meir and Andrew Morgan and the Italian Luca Parmitano are currently on the outpost of mankind about 400 kilometres above the earth.


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