Nadja Benaissa

Nadja Benaissa:

For a long time, it was quiet around Nadja Benaissa. But that will soon be over. The singer, who became a star with the band No Angels, is making music again.

20 years after the founding of the No Angels, Nadja Benaissa is back musically. I have been actively singing again for a year and a half. Baby steps are making progress.

Nadja got out in 2010:

The No Angels emerged from the casting show "Popstars" in 2000. The band broke up three years later but made a comeback in 2007.

After three years, Nadja Benaissa left the angels again. The then 28-year-old had made headlines with her private life.

After hiding her HIV infection from several ex-friends, she was sentenced to two years probation in August 2010 for dangerous bodily harm. The artist left the band, withdrew from the public and did her high school diploma.

Come back with a new band:

She is back almost ten years later. From April she will appear with the a-cappella pop band medals, which the Dresden group announced in October.

Joyce will leave us in April 2020. Nadja Benaissa, who you probably know from the No Angels, will take her place.

We wish Joyce all the best for the future and look forward to welcoming Nadja in our midst", the band announced on their official website and Instagram.

The artist, born in Frankfurt am Main, has her HIV infection "under control" and feels in top shape. I am vegan, do more sports again, she is quoted as saying.

There is currently no new man by her side. I am single and everything is fine, said Nadja Benaissa, who describes herself as a "happy single mom. Her daughter is now 20 years old.

Sandy Mölling, Jessica Wahls and Lucy Diakovska are still in public. Only Vanessa Petro has completely withdrawn from the spotlight.


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