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Madonna shows herself cuddled up with her 25-year-old background dancer. America is debating whether this is sexy or embarrassing.

Madonna - shared opinions about her lover:

Madonna (61) is said to have been with her dancer Ahlamalik Williams (25) for a few months. Together they are currently touring the USA with Madonna's "Madame X" show.

When photos appeared that showed Madonna and Ahlamalik in a familiar pose on the balcony of their hotel (he massaged her shoulder, grabbed her waist), it caused an outcry. And what a one!

Some think it's great that Madonna grabs a young hop, the others are horrified because her toyboy is not even half her age.

"There is no other business like this except show business," commented a user on Twitter.

Talk show star Wendy Williams calls Madonna "an old grandma"

Wendy Williams (55), who has her talk show and is something like the gossip aunt in the USA, went one step further.

"The guy is three years older than her daughter Lourdes," she said on her program and continued: "They are all vacationing together and there is Grandma Madonna, who is making out with a 25-year-old."

According to Wendy, she would be sorry for Madonna because she did not know how to age gracefully.

Old men are allowed to have young women, but not killed:

Opinions differ on Twitter. "I always found Madonna impressive, but now it just annoys me how desperate she wants to play in the foreground," wrote one user. "You haters are all just jealous," one fan defended the singer.

One user wrote down what I thought when I saw the pictures: "61-year-old men constantly sleep with 25-year-old women and nobody gets upset about it. So where's the problem?"

Hollywood has a lot of prominent examples of older men who are with much younger women.

Music producer David Foster married his fifth wife Katherine McPhee at the age of 70 a few weeks ago - she is 35.

Richard Gere's wife Alejandra is 36, he is 70. And Dennis Quaid (65) has taken a student who is 39 years younger as he.


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